Posted by: rotenochsen | March 1, 2007

A Threat From a “Friend”!

The following is a note from a relative of mine. It is a true story, and needs to be read by all who have a stake in the future of this Great Country. The Enemy is at the door, only we can’t see or hear him knock! 

A physician friend of mine who was escorted out of his office and returned to Pakistan by Homeland Security was honest and forthright enough to tell me 20 years ago that if a Jihad was called for by the Islamic world he would give me one chance to convert to Becoming a Moslem or he would be religion bound to slit my throat.I thanked him and told him that I would tell him to go to hell.I can’t see anything but a good start of the infamous Jihad taking place around the world and our political hacks fail to see this when it has been going on in Sudan for 18 years where the Moslems now control almost totally what was once a Chrisian country.Sudan received most of their Moslem halp from Iraq,Iran,Saudi Arabia,not to mention Russia,and China.The Political Economics of oil has resulted in a politically controlled government of Islamists.Bosnia is another hotbed,and you can go on and on but it is here right in our country and many of our elected fools are in denial out of being sucked in by the politics of oil because a damn liberal will give his country away for the saving of a few polar bears.A true liberal’s way of pathetic thinking while our country wallows in mediocrity.

—– Original Message —–


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