Posted by: rotenochsen | March 2, 2007

Attacks On Christianity Are Relentless

The attacks on Christianity keep coming. Not only from our present enemy the Islamic Jihadists, and in recent history from Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, PolPot and Wen Jiabo of Communist China. Now Days the anti-Christian dialogue is a steady stream of lies and misrepresentations from academia and the media. The most recent example of the blasphemy spewed by the television “prevaricators” comes from Matt Lauer.
The following is a very good example of an attempt to tear down one of the basic tenants of the Christian Church. The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ.
On Monday morning NBC News’ Matt Lauer proffered an infomercial for “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” a “documentary” airing on the Discovery Channel this weekend. NBC’s breathless billing described the production as a “shocking new claim” that James Cameron, the Hollywood director of “Titanic,” had discovered the place where Jesus, his wife Mary and their son were buried, and promised that NBC’s exclusive interview “could rock Christianity to its core.” Peacock network promoters failed to note that the tomb Cameron “discovered” had actually been found nearly three decades ago — and that credible archaeologists had long since dismissed any assertion it belonged to the Jesus Christ crucified on Calvary.
The quote is courtesy of “The Patriot Post”
Not only does this piece attempt to destroy peoples faith in the Resurrection of Jesus. It also makes the point that Jesus was not celibate, as he has asked his priests to be, but was married and had a male child. Their implication makes those with little faith, believe Jesus was just another man like us. Not the God made man who was born to die on the cross at Calvary for our sins, and rise from the dead on Easter morning.
I don’t expect everybody to believe this as I do. But please don’t try to tear down the basic belief of the majority of American people with lies and misinformation.
I would bet my last dollar they wouldn’t try to malign Mohammad this way!


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