Posted by: rotenochsen | March 3, 2007


A Good Conservative Blunders
By jaxhawk
The “Captains Quarters author Ed Morrissey has made a blunder with a comparison to the pejorative speech by Ann Coulter.
Ms. Coulter used the word “faggot” in describing John Edwards. Whether she meant to describe his sexual persuasion, or was using a “bar room” slur to describe a person she dislikes immensely, I don’t know.
Either way it should not have been used in the forum that it was uttered. But Mr. Morresey took time in his award winning blog to compare her speech with that of Amanda Marcotte, who is infamous for her hate speech against Catholics, and Melissa McEwan who called Christians, “Christofascists Godbags”.
Coulters remark is indefensible, but referring to anti-religious speech as being the same as calling a person with a sexual proclivity different from normal, is a stretch.

Ann Coulters “word” is objectionable, but the other two women are guilty of sycophancy! Yes, I know some religions open their arms to Lesbians and Homosexuals. But so far, my religion does not!
Homosexuality is a group of people with a lot of political clout these days. Especially since the advent of political correctness. But using a pejorative word is not the same as speech dedicated to tear down a religious belief.

If it were the Quran would be declared hate speech, since it specifies numerous times to kill homosexuals among many other punishments for infidels.

Posted on: Sat, Mar 3 2007 3:10 PM


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