Posted by: rotenochsen | July 19, 2007



The Arabic word for deception is Taqiya, and it is a doctrine used very successful by those who hate and wish to destroy us and those members of the leftist clique that presently run both Congress and the Main Stream Media.

There are two large forces that exist today who are gloating over the American leftists who have an apparent suicide wish for our Country, and ultimately themselves.

AlQaeda,created by Saudi Wahabis, and The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their millions of followers. Supported by the tens of millions of Muslims worldwide who are either afraid or choose not to speak out against the Islamist terrorism, take comfort in the fact that most Americans have bought into the “Taqiya” that if we withdraw our troops from Iraq, Americans will be safer than we are now.

The big lie that too many “well meaning simpletons” have bought, is that only a small percentage of Muslims are “bad guys”. There is a Muslim word for these people, Mufsidoon. These are terrorists who wage a wrong war. The concept was created by Saudi Wahabis and the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt to confuse Westerners so as to not use the words Jihad and Jihadism to describe their terrorist activities that have been committing all over the World.

The simple fact is that for a person to be a Muslim they must abide by the dictates of the Quran. This includes the dominance of Sharia law over all human activity and supersedes all other laws.

Holland, Canada, England and France have already experienced Muslim demands for the adoption of Sharia law. When we withdraw from Iraq these people will get the idea that America is a Country that won’t fight for what we believe. These people consider Iraq just one battle involving a world wide “crusade” to establish Sharia law. The next battle field could be Manhattan, Lisbon, Munich or London.

Islamism is very similar to cancer. Like cancer it starts with a small cluster of cells. If left untreated or eradicated by cutting it out it will eventually overtake and consume the host!

Fanatics like Ahmadinajad, Khomeini and their followers will rejoice and be emboldened by our withdrawal from Iraq. When the next person asks you what would be so wrong with living under Sharia law. Ask him to speak to Amil Imani, an Iranian born American, who fled Iran when The Islamist took over. He didn’t like the public hangings, or the killing of women who had been raped!


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