Posted by: rotenochsen | July 19, 2007

Michael Chertoff Needs To Go!

Unless you have been in a coma or just arrived from another galaxy .You know the Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Quakers or Jews have not waged a war of terror against this Country and most of Europe since 9/11/01.

Why then does the man who is charged with national security visit mosques, and speaking to a meeting of the NAACP, ask them to fight for the rights of Muslim Americans?

If he bothered to read it, the Pew Research Institute poll of Muslim youth aged 18-29 found that 26% percent believed suicide bombing was justified!

The recent estimates of the number of Muslims in the United States is 2.35 million people. Of these almost 31% are youths aged 18-29. This is a group of 183,000 people who live in this country who believe suicide bombing is justified. All are home grown potential terrorists, and the man who can’t even keep our borders secure is advocating support for their rights!

If a poll revealed that 26% of American youths thought that driving under the influence should not be a crime. The story would make front page headlines and highlight the nightly TV news.The Pew poll received scant coverage.

It is time for people, especially government appointed or elected people who are responsible for our security, to seriously confront the issues at stake. Our very freedom depends upon it.

It would be appropriate if Mr. Chertoff and his ilk would visit every mosque he could, and ask those present and their leadership to denounce the terrorists who carry out the heinous acts in the name of Allah. This should be a request for a public statement that has never been precisely spoken by the Imams and the leadership of the Muslim advocacy groups.

All these groups do is preach tolerance for them publicly, and use their political influence and Saudi funded money to advance their cause. Let there be no mistake their cause is the establishment of Sharia law in place of our laws and Constitution.
And they don’t care how long it takes!

Unlike the Congress of the United States and too many Americans,they don’t expect a “quick fix”, or they will end it all as we are planning to do in Iraq. They are patiently doing their internal revolution while the terrorists they support do their deadly deeds.


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