Posted by: rotenochsen | August 1, 2007

History Does Repeat Itself!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It would appear to this blogger that the “hippies and anti-war leftists in the United States want to make the Iraq war the political equivalent of Watergate.

Richard Millhouse Nixon was elected by a 1% majority vote as the 37Th President of the United States in 1968 using the “battle cry” of awakening the Silent Majority who detested the anti-American rhetoric of the Press and street protesters who helped bring defeat to American forces for the first time in History.

It is my opinion that they were determined to bring down Nixon long before he made the stupid mistake of not burning the oval office tapes.His career leading to his being elected twice as Vice-President and twice as President was one of exposing and fighting foes of America–Communists in government.

His investigation into the Communist involvement of State Department advisor to President Roosevelt at Yalta, Alger Hiss, lead to Hiss being jailed for perjury when asked if he was a Communist.

Long before this, he was elected in 1946 to his first term as a member of Congress, when he charged that Congressman Voorhis was “in Bed” with the California Communist dominated unions. This began a long career of anti-Communist activities by Nixon. Particularly as it involved members of government agencies.Thus the Leftist knives were being sharpened to “do in” Nixon long before Watergate.

It would appear that the now grown up “hippies” and anti-Vietnam war ilk have grown into the politicians, media persons, and academia that are determined to bring down President Bush.

Both men are known for their religious convictions. Nixon a Quaker from Whittier,California and Bush a Evangelical Christian from Texas who has been described by Boston Globe writer, Alan Jacobs “an intellectually mongrel”! Thus we see the connection between these two men who were and are hated by the Secular Humanists of this Country.

The one man in the Senate who has the B**ls to stand up to those in Congress who want to bring down the President by using the Iraq war as their whipping boy had this to say. “There is a very strong group within the party that I think doesn’t take the threat of Islamist terrorism seriously enough.” Lieberman says he is annoyed by the mudslinging on Capitol Hill and Democrats’ unwillingness to work with President Bush. But his critics say he has contributed to that polarization by his rhetoric and refusal to compel Bush to find a new way forward in Iraq. As Lieberman sees it, however, the Democratic Party has slipped away from its “most important and successful times” of the middle of last century, where it was tough on Communism and progressive on domestic policy. “I fear that some people take this position also because anything President Bush is for, they’ll be against, and that’s wrong,” said Lieberman, a staunch advocate of the war. “There’s a great tradition in our history of partisanship generally receding when it comes to foreign policy. But for the moment we’ve lost that.”

America needs the silent majority to awaken to the threat we face by abandoning the fight in Iraq. There will not be “A peace with Honor” if we turn tail and run home to momma!


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