Posted by: rotenochsen | August 8, 2007


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It is not in my Conservative nature to listen to the hyperbole and outright untruths uttered by politicians who seek the high office of the President of the United States.

But last night quite by accident while channel surfing I came upon the Union “love fest” in Chicago being aired on MSNBC. I quickly turned to another channel muttering to the effect “why listen to those seven dwarfs lie to the viewing audience. there was another person in the room who had different ideas. My wife said,”lets hear what the opposition has to say”. The end result was I watched 90 minutes of pandering by the seven Democrats to a captive audience of AFL-CIO members.

The moderator of this “Forum” aka debate was well known Bush hater Keith Olbermann, so I knew from the beginning the questions would be couched to make Bush look bad and the Democrats on stage as the “cavalry” coming to the rescue of the endangered union members.

I was not disappointed or surprised. Mr. “O” fed questions about the Iraq war, NAFTA, workers rights, and foreign trade. All subjects that allowed the seven dwarfs to fall all over themselves pandering to the labor vote.

There were no questions to Hillary Clinton about the scandals her and husband Bill were involved in while Bill Clinton was President. Things like Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate(Mr. Berger),her being the first “First Lady” to be suoenaed to testify before a grand jury(Whitewater),renting the Lincoln bedroom in the Whitehouse to wealthy supporters, and the Lewinski scandal were not broached, even though Hillary said numerous times that the first thing she would do “is clean up the mess in Washington caused by Bush”. No mention of Vincent Fosters strange and unsolved death,or the note allegedly written by him being withheld for some time before it was turned over to the police investigating the “suicide”.

During the first round of questions Senator Clinton included in her response that the Democrats should “come together to be a united party.” Then she proceeded to attack Obama at every opportunity. By ten minutes to eight, 50 minutes into the 90 minute “forum”, blood was on the floor, as they all heated up their attacks on each other, and Mr.”O” could not control the time limits for responses or the crowd reactions including “boos” to candidates responses that obviously made them angry or unhappy!

I and my wife will not be watching anymore of the Democrat propaganda television “debates”. One was enough for this Conservative who has seen the Bush tax cuts produce an economy that brings in more tax revenues than before they were enacted, a 4.6% unemployment, 3% per year growth in the nations economy that has produced 8.2 million jobs, and a Country that is safer at home than we were before 9/11 despite all the “wannabee” protestations to the contrary!


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