Posted by: rotenochsen | August 15, 2007


America take a hint and wake up to the biggest scam since the state lottery was enacted by various states to milk more millions of dollars from the already overtaxed,”ordinary” citizens.
The people who took the bait for the lottery didn’t realize the odds for winning the lottery were much worse than in a gambling casino which also pays large taxes to the state and federal tax gougers.
This is an example of states trying to rip off extra dollars from hard working wage earners with the “saintly” sounding false promise that most states would earmark all the monies collected to financing improvement in education.

The truth is the educational system has seen a small amount OF THE MONEY! While a much greater percentage of profits has been squandered on hiring more State government employed bureaucrats to run the program, and spending millions of dollars in new state buidings to house these employees.
President George W. Bush was elected by the ordinary citizens,for the most part,and not by special interest groups of fat cats,wealthy industries,various unions,or the biased and hateful majority of the left wing news media.
How did he overcome such secular, mega million dollar support for the far left wing Democrats?
He did it precisely as a good American candidate against Marxist thinking can do it again in 2008. Get the TRUTH out to the American voter by word of mouth, by internet,calling friends,and making them aware,once again,that their very freedom is at stake.
Marxist Democrats could care less about the individual.He or she are concerned only with absolute power for himself or herself and his/her cronies,and absolute government control of our lives.Counter their pure lying for votes with the truth to deny them their votes.God Bless America.

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  1. Good sentiments. You can only win through the grassroots and the truth!

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