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The past twelve hours have been a period of intense mental strain for my sense of what as a Christian I believe is right and wrong. No I don’t question my ability to discern the difference. I am disturbed, however, by the apparent misunderstanding by those who write, report, blog and in many different ways deliver their views to the American public.The first event that alerted my sense of the “tripe” that is being fed to us by the television media was during the ESPN Monday night football game. The Show has been an award winning sports event for decades. But last night the announcers booth with Tony Kornheiser, Mike Tirico and “Jaws” Jaworski evolved into a plea to their audience to accept the apology of Michael Vick, and “let the recovery process begin”.

As everyone knows by now Vick has pleaded guilty to bankrolling the dog fighting events held by him and a few of his fiends. They didn’t mention that this star football player has been bankrolling this cruel and inhumane “sport” for the last seven years!

During these seven years there is no way to determine how many dogs died a violent death while Vick and his fiends watched, bet and enjoyed the spectacle.

Tony Kornheiser, paid 1.8 million dollars for his commentary on the show was the lead defender. His opinion was that since Michael Vick publicly apologised he should be allowed to return to football after he has served his sentence. A sentence delayed until December, for what reason? I would like to know. This is a man who is a close friend of James Carville, and after his first appearance on Monday Night Football(8/15/05) was given a harsh review for his performance by Paul Farhi of the Washington Post. Kornheiser publicly called the critic ” a two bit weasel slug”!He likes to dish it out, but don’t criticise him!

Kornheiser is not the only “notable” coming to the defense of Vick. New York Nicks basketball star, Stepen Marbury said essentially whats wrong with dog fighting behind closed doors, they shoot deer and other animals don’t they?

Boxer Roy Jones, jr. made the astounding defense based upon the fact that dogs by nature fight each other, so what’s the big deal.

Football player Clinton Portis was quick to defend Vick as were author and activist Harry Edwards and ex-NFL player, Fox sport contributor and part time “rapper” Ray Buchanan. Buchanan made the news himself recently for cashing three checks in Miami with no funds to support the checks.

It is fine to say give a person a second chance, but what he did was a crime committed not once, but for seven years where gambling took place, and non-performing dogs were summarily killed.This is no ordinary crime. As you will recall serial killer Jeffrey Damler began by killing and torturing small animals before he moved on to young boys.

The second jolt to my sense of fair and unbalance/non-biased reporting occurred this morning when I read an article from Walter Williams, written for The Patriot Post. Mr. Williams is a noted and respected Libertarian, sometimes Conservative Economist and Journalist.I enjoy reading most of his articles and books, but what provoked a man of “letters” to write an article attacking Pope Benedict XVI for an alleged statement that hasn’t been published yet, baffles me.

The article excoriated the Pope for allegedly including in his second Encyclical that tax avoidance by using tax shelters is wrong. The Encyclical hasn’t even been published, but Mr. Williams wrote his article based upon an article written in the London Times. This is a rumor perpetuating a rumor, or at best hearsay being repeated. For good Journalism to exist the source should be valid and verifiable, not based upon rumors or leaks! Shame on you Walter Williams! Your animus to the Pope and Catholicism is showing.

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