Posted by: rotenochsen | August 30, 2007


The Left in the United States is enamored with the use of diplomacy to solve every problem. Iraq, illegal immigration, arms sales by Communist China, Russia, Iran and every other conflict between the USA must be solved by talking to the perpetrator.
The Left hates the strong approach of the use of our military , and have done their best to delay the building of a fence between our border with Mexico while the illegals daily, continue to pour across the border.

The latest example of the results of talking and “bribery” (NAFTA)by our Government is seen in the Press Release from the office of the President of Mexico. Despite all the talk while here in the U.S. about co-operating in the control of the flow of Mexican Nationals over the border into the U.S. Mr. Calderon,the President
of Mexico is shown meeting and sympathizing with Elvira Arellano.
Ms. Arellano entered the United States using a fake social security card. This is a crime in itself. She was caught and deported back to Mexico. Now she is pleading her case to the Mexican President who you will find in the quote below, has agreed to help this felon re-enter the United States via diplomatic channels.

The following appeared in The American Thinker today:President Calderón Receives Elvira Arellano
Tuesday, August 28 Press Release
Official Residence

“President Calderón received Elvira Arellano at the Official Los Pinos Residence today
During the conversation, the Mexican President listened carefully to Mrs. Arellano’s explanation of her current situation and her constant struggle to reunify migrant families.
The president offered Elvira Arellano all his sympathy regarding her compulsory separation from her son and offered her his support in this complex situation.
President Calderón ratified the priority his government places on the living conditions of Mexican migrants residing in the United States and repeated the need for an integral migratory reform in that country.
He also explained that his administration is working hard to create employment opportunities for Mexicans which, in the medium and long term, will enable a larger number of co-nationals to have opportunities for development in this country.
For her part, Mrs. Arellano asked the Mexican government to apply for a visa from the United States that will enable her to return to that country.
The Mexican president instructed Secretary of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Patricia Espinosa to order her department to undertake an analysis of the situation being faced by Mrs. Arellano and her son and to take the necessary steps with the US authorities to be able to respond to this request”.

If this isn’t an example of the failure to talk to people who either hate US or don’t respect our Countries Laws and Sovereignty.

No politician running for the Presidency of the United States has declared that if elected they will deport all the illegals and build a fence or wall if needed to stop the hoards of illegals from coming across the border. They are to busy promising more “bread and butter” issues like National Health Insurance, more loans for college students, and the biggie. Immediately abandon the Iraq war against terrorism!

Pols have shown that border security goes hand in hand with the voting public desire for overall security for them and their children, but the “princely” representatives in Washington refuse to come together and solve this problem . They are too busy working on how to remain in their positions of wealth and power to consider the safety of the people who elected them.

This reminds me of Nero fiddling away as Rome burned! And unless we clean out the “rats nest” that is populated by the Leftist(both Democrat and Republican) in Congress, we too will go down as did The Roman empire. When the hordes of illegals grow so large they can dictate the policies and laws(possibly Sharia) that control our lives it will be too late!


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