Posted by: rotenochsen | September 1, 2007



There is no doubt in my mind that if we had such an unpatriotic Congress and a Press supporting the “defeatists” during World War II, we would now be speaking German or Japanese. Perhaps, the West Coast would be Occupied by the Japanese and the East and Middle West by the Germans. With the Russians knocking on he door.

The negativism exhibited by the Socialist Press and the power hungry Democrats toward the Presidents campaign against Muslim evtremists would never have been tolerated during the Bloodiest Campaigns since the Civil War.

The Press and “fellow travelers”like Reid, Pelosi, Durbin and Murtha would have been ostracised if not jailed, if they spoke such disparaging words about a war effort that was in doubt from the day the combined forces under Eisenhower invaded Normandy, and at the same time MacArthur was leading the bloody slaughter toward Japan.

Compared to the losses in Iraq WWII was disaster of extreme proportions, but we won and tyrannical forces were defeated because we all stood together.

From the Normandy invasion on June 6th, 1944 to the of August we had 29,000 U.S. soldiers killed, 29,000 missing or wounded, and it got worse as the battles went on. In the battle of the Bulge we lost 19,276 killed in action between December 16th and January 10 thth of 1945, and a total of 89,987 killed missing or wounded.

In the Pacific the invasion of Tarawa 1.001 marines were killed in three days(11/20-11/23.1944). The battle for Saipan to establish an air base to bomb Japan into submission there were 3,426 killed and 13,160 wounded between June15,1944 and July 9,1944.

The battle that got the most media attention and turned into a war bond raising tour was fought 650 miles south of Tokyo during February and March of 1945. This battle resulted in the KIA of 8,86 marines and 19,189 wounded.
These five battles alone cost over 83,700 lives of Americans in uniform, but you didn’t read or hear one peep from Congress about quitting!

The Germans didn’t even attack us, but we went to war to rid the World of the Tyrant Hitler, and everyone including the Media stood behing the war effort. Japan made the mistake of bombing Pearl Harbor, and awakened a “sleeping giant”. This is what we Americans were before the transplanted Communists and their willing accomplices began to support our enemies in Korea and then Vietnam.

Now they are at it in full force. They have the minds of America fixated on the death total in Iraq. The amount of money spent there that could be spent on their welfare programs, and the duration of the war. All in a negative perspective. There is no patriotism in any of these people despite their protestations to the contrary. We did rid Iraq of a tyrant, but his followers still are fighting US.

In my mind there is no option for surrender in Iraq, and despite what the “peace” candidates and the press call withdrawal. Surrender is what we will be doing if we leave before we clean out the rats nest in Iraq. As in Vietnam, we are not using the full force of arms at our disposal, but are fighting the war on the enemies terms.

I know General Petraeus will not recommend it. Not a politically astute career military man like him, but if I were leading the battle for Iraq as I believe would General Patton. I would drop leaflets from high flying planes, giving the civilian population 3 days to get out. And then I would bomb the whole place back to the stone age. Eisenhower did this to all the German Major Cities, and Truman dropped the “Bomb’ not once but twice, and now we can still speak English in most states.


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