Posted by: rotenochsen | September 3, 2007



There is a concerted movement in the American left to replace the traditional religious beliefs with Secular humanism.
This new form of quasi religion,Secular Humanism, denies the existence of God. They replace God with Humanity, and accept that Man is the master of the universe. The only object to be worshiped is man.

Examples of this animus toward American religious beliefs is exemplified in the fact that one of the leftist secular humanists, Christopher Hitchens, has written at least three books lately arguing for the discarding of Religious beliefs. His “God is Not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything and The God Delusion,”are three perfect examples.


The present day Humanist ignores contrary rational discussion, because of the self ahbsorbed assumption that whatever their reasoning told them, had to be the truth! They choose to ignore anything that doesn’t place mans decisions as the canon of materialist reasoning. Since man is the only object to be worshipped If it feels right it must be right!
This attitude lead to the murder of tens of millions of people by Hitler, Stalin,Mao and PolPot. Now we see it in the far left wing of the Democrat party. The advocates of unlimited abortion, euthanasia, cloning of “human Beings” and elimination of our National sovereignty to the UN are all precepts of Secular Humanism, and so is the politically correct concept of “free speech”.
This is a fight for the very soul of our Country and there is no option for surrender in this battle!

In Germany today there are jail terms handed down for “crimes” of hate speech for publicly claiming abortion is murder. We are not too far from this in the USA.


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