Posted by: rotenochsen | October 1, 2007

the supeme court does the work of aclu


Today the supreme court struck a blow against organized religious organizations(especially Catholics),by failing to hear the case brought by opponents of a New York lower court ruling that religious organizations must include birth control coverage in their medical insurance for employees.
The Founding Fathers deliberately avoided establishing a national Religion, but would be appalled at the idea that Government could dictate to a religious organization that they must violate their beliefs to supply a benefit to employees that is decided by Government not the Religious group that by the way is also paying for the benefit.

While the Supreme Court is attacking the Constitutional rights of Church organizations. The attack on The basic principals upon which this once great Country was founded continues on the local level.
A decision by a school district in southern Illinois has decide to eliminate the celebrations of Christmas and Halloween in four grade schools and a junior high because of a complaint lodged by a Muslim mother. The school district has a 30% Arab population.
Christmas and Easter are sacred days to all Christians. The elimination of Christmas, and replacing it with a “winter fest” is a disgrace. It is a blow against the majority population in the United States, and a perfect example of the slide to the atheist-anti-religion stance of the secular left in America.


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