Posted by: rotenochsen | October 2, 2007




The latest reports on campaign contributions show the Democrats are taking in more money for their election campaign than the Republicans, but these reports don’t usually mention who they are from. Recent history has shown that not only billionaires like George Soros and Warren Buffett, and millionaires in Hollywood, but not often reported is the $100,000 contributions from the “seamy side” of life. James Ready, Hong Kong long time associate of the Clintons, $100,000 gift to James McDougal shortly after visiting the Clinton White House in August of 1994, the large cah donation from the Pau family of Daley City, Ca,(a shop keeper), the $850,000 that Hillary had to give back to federal indicted Mr.Norman Hsu, and the 1.2 million dollars Hillary received from a Hollywood Gala in 2000. This “gala” fundraiser for Hillary’s Senate campaign is part of a lawsuit filed by the organizer and person who paid for this event, Peter Franklin Paul(convicted felon who was released from federal prison in 1985) for $17 million dollars. His suit alleges the Clinton’s defrauded him, and there are charges that the junior Senator from New York committed felonies related to this Hollywood fund raising event. This case is in the hands of a judge appointed by Democratic ex-Governor Gray Davis, so don’t expect a ruling or any action until after the 2008 election. If these are mentioned or printed, they are referred to as attempts by right wing radicals out to hurt the Clinton’s. Much like the Whitewater scandal that occupied the Courts and special prosecutor from 1979 to 1997. In the years of Whitewater, a poll showed that 60% of Americans believed the Clintons were hiding something! I am sure of it!


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