Posted by: rotenochsen | October 8, 2007


Since 12/15/1791, when the State of Virginia ratified the Bill Of Rights ,that contained the first ten Amendments to the original Constitution signed in 1787. The first amendment has been twisted every way imaginable to allow the exclusion of religious symbols from public places.
It has also been used by Liberal activists to aid and abet flag burning,hard-core rap, heavy-metal lyrics, tobacco advertising, hate speech(used against the President often), pornography, nude dancing, solicitation and various forms of symbolic speech.
Is it time to consider separating hate speech and outright lying in publications outside the purview of the protection given by the First Amendment? Many would agree to limiting some forms of free expression, as seen in the First Amendment Center’s State of the First Amendment survey reports.
The recent Washington State Supreme Court decision concerning the First Amendment right to lie in advertisements about political opponents, is a perfect example of the stretch that Liberal Activists have taken the First Amendment to mean.
By a narrow 5-4 decision the Washington State Supreme Court struck down the Washington State Law that forbids lying about one’s opponent in political adds.
We all know politics produces lies, and most politicians tell lies. It is part of their make-up to lie about what they will do if elected, but to try to defame an opponent by telling or printing lies about him/her is a new low in political campaigns that will only get worse with Court rulings like the Washington case.
A recent poll by The First Amendment Center revealed that 60% of those surveyed believed the press reported the news with a political bias. This is a reflection of the fact that well over 95% of Journalists vote Democratic.
The same poll showed an increasing number of people believe the press has too much freedom to print what they want. The 34% who believe this is the case is considerably less than a poll taken in 2000 when over 51% believed the press had too much freedom to print what they wanted. This is probably a backlash from the controversy surrounding the 2000 Presidential election.

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise”– Adolf Hitler

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were masters at propaganda, and ruled their press with an iron hand. Today the Liberals are using the press and the academic institutions to promote their secular, humanistic form of Marxist Socialism not unlike Adolf and Joe did in their reign of terror.

God willing, the Liberals won’t be successful in their brain washing techniques using the First Amendment to hide behind. But I wouldn’t bet on it.


“Did you know that Time magazine and other news organizations had a Vietnamese communist on full-time staff in Vietnam during that war? Do you remember that ABC, CBS and NBC have all rigged cars or trucks with explosives or other devices to make them look dangerous on TV, or that Consumer Reports lied about the Suzuki Samurai enough to put it out of business? Do you know that multiple “veterans” of the Viet Nam and Iraq wars who told of atrocities there were never even in the military? Did you realize reputable news organizations such as the Boston Globe and Reuters cannot tell the difference between a real soldier and a toy doll, commercial pornography and soldiers committing rape, a burning tire dump and a bombed building, a fired and an unfired rifle round, or footage of the North Pole and a clip from the movie Titanic?
When it comes to President Bush, the media have lied about his National Guard service, lied about his serving a plastic turkey to troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving and then made a big deal about that phony story, lied about his speeches, quoted him by removing the words he actually used, and admitted they would use a harsher standard with him than his opponent John Kerry. To this day, they criticize his administration’s handling of the Katrina crisis, which was actually one of the most successful rescue and recovery efforts in history, but barely mention their own huge and egregious mistakes in reporting on that event.”


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