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Democrats and some Republicans seem to be trying to make government run health care the major issue for voters to consider in the coming elections. The only real reason for this trend is the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.Her main issue is to provide Americans with Socialized Medicine.
An issue she tried to “cook -up” behind closed doors during Bill Clinton’s first term as President. She failed miserably that time.
But now her complete election agenda appears to this blogger, as total socialism, if not Communism.
“It’s all about the children,” she says, “We have to provide health care for the low income children.” Mrs. Clinton’s idea of “low income children” is a 24 year old living at home with a family income of up to $80,000.00 annually. Obviously, this is not about the children. It’s about government control over your health care in the hands of politicians who won’t stop until they have control over every aspect of your life. To see what she plans will produce one need only look to Great Britain to see the costly mess they have with Socialized medicine, and I have written a previous blog on the horrors of the Italian Socialized Medicine I experienced first hand.
In England there is such a shortage of Dentists , particularly in small cities and towns that people have started do it yourself Dentistry(DIY).
They are anesthetizing themselves with liquor and “pulling” their own teeth. Some even do it for others, and there are reports that some skilled “DIY”s are removing their neighbors infected and rotted teeth.
This is a tolerable if unpleasant situation, but the deaths caused by infections in hospitals throughout the United Kingdom are a major concern.
The London Daily Mail reported yesterday that British hospitals are the most dangerous in Europe for killer super bugs. Mutating Strains of Resistant Staphylococcus is the primary cause, and could be avoided with proper barrier protection.
Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the National Health Service had this to say about the high infection rate:
“Our rates of infection are ‘alarmingly high’, according to research funded by the European Commission.
It put Britain at the top of a health league table for once, but only for shameful failure.
The danger of contracting the drug-resistant MRSA bacteria( a strain of anti-biotic resistant) in the UK was more than 15 times greater than in the safest countries in the study – Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.
The findings led to calls for urgent NHS action against MRSA – Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus – which is thought to claim up to 5,000 lives a year in the UK.
The infection can be spread by doctors and nurses failing to wash their hands after treating patients, but it also thrives on grubby curtains, carpets and bedding.
‘Just getting staff to pay attention to basics such as washing their hands could make a real difference. Pressure of work can never be an excuse.’
MRSA is estimated to cost the NHS more than £1 billion a year with some 100,000 hospital patients in England – one in ten – falling victim.
Many strains are so virulent that entire wards and operating theatres have to be shut down and cleaned.
Treating MRSA can mean weeks or even months of misery for sufferers, as wounds fail to heal and recovery is prevented.
Victims are supposed to be nursed in isolation, but a lack of beds means this is not always possible.”

Do we Americans really want to drag down the best Care System in the world, just so we can “offer” a comrehensive but inferior system of health care? There has to be a better way


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