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For 34 years we have had an atheist Congressman in the United States Congress. A man who has a record of being a secular humanist, and a man who now proudly proclaims his atheism, has taken upon himself to attack the president for his veto of the expansion of the the health act “SCHIP”. Fortunately the House Democrats and RHINOS did not have enough votes to override this socialist bills veto.
This disgrace of the U.S.Congress recently received an award from the president of The American Atheists of Kalifornia”, Dave King. The award was a gold lame purse!
This “nut case”, Congressman Fortney “pete” Stark of Fremont, Cal., has the effrontery to violate the rules of the Congress that dictate that no member will make disparaging remarks about a member of Congress or the Chief Executive.
“Hi, my name is Pete.”
“And I have been totally godless for as long as I can remember.”
This is how he responded to his introduction at the atheist convention recently. Being an atheist he belongs to the Unitarian Universalist Community. More on this group later.

Only an area like the Bay area of Northern California could repeatedly, since 1973, elect a member of the “sect or cult” that refuses to call their gathering place a church, and instead call it a “fellowship”.
The Unitarian Universalists, are followers of another Humanist, Starr King. This diminutive orator founded the First Unitarian Universalist Society church that still stands today in San Francisco.
The belief system, if you can believe a mixture of agnostic, atheists and Unitarian Universalists have a “belief” system. Their group is based upon the non-belief in a Deity, but the humanist ,pluralism and diversity of mankind.
What ever you feel and believe is right, you can accept as a true belief ,is the way I interpret my research of this cult that probably has the federal tax exemption of a Church.
The following is an excerpt from the “American Thinker“:

2007-10-18: Stark Calls on Boehner, Republicans to Retract Opposition to Children’s Health Care, Apologize to American Troops and their Families
“I have nothing but respect for our brave men and women in uniform and wish them the very best,,,,”In a heated floor speech, Stark repeatedly made the charge that the president would rather use government revenues to send U.S. soldiers to war than to pay for low-income kids’ health care. A longtime war critic, Stark said the president couldn’t find $35 billion to expand SCHIP but at the same time had requested an extra $200 billion to pay for military operations in Iraq. Earlier during the same session of the House he said this: “You don’t have money to fund the war or children. But you’re going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old, enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the President’s amusement.”

This is not the first time Stark’s mouth has moved faster than his brain. He once referred to a female colleague as a “whore” and speculated that another female colleague learned everything she knows about health care from “pillow talk” with her physician husband.”

This is the man who said recently to a group of supporters in the San Francisco Bay area: “It’s not courageous to make a simple statement about personal beliefs … What is courageous is to stand up in Congress and say, ‘Let’s tax the rich and give the money to poor kids.’ Now that’s courageous.”

The American Humanist Association applauded Rep. Pete Stark for publicly acknowledging he does not believe in a supreme being. The declaration, it said, makes him the highest-ranking elected official and first congressman to proclaim to be an atheist. The organization took out an ad in Tuesday’s Washington Post, congratulating the California Democrat for his stance.

I think he should be censured for violating House rules, but I won’t wait, while holding my breath ,until the Congress does anything about this “trash mouth” Democrat. He fits in well with the rest of his ilk!


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