Posted by: rotenochsen | November 1, 2007



Despite being beaten back by advocates for border security, and the public sentiment being strongly against granting any kind of amnesty to illegal(undocumented in PC talk) immigrants. People like Senator Reid and too many of the Democrats running the race for the White House are still pushing for amnesty,
The arguments are varied, but I wish to discuss just two important issues.
The cost of treating illegals in California as a result of there being burned by the recent fires, 11 out of 18 people admitted to the burn unit of UCSD hospital were illegals.
Last year, San Diego County hospitals provided $619 million in uncompensated care, and an estimated 10 percent to 17 percent of that paid for treatment for undocumented immigrants, according to the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties.
Burn care requires ventilators, multiple surgeries, round-the-clock intensive care and grafts from human cadaverous skin. McAfee said grafts can be grown from patients’ own skin to minimize tissue rejection at $500,000 per patient. I am not saying that they should not be treated, but if we had a fence and adequate border security, they would not have been in the fire zone!

Those who wish to get more voters for the Left Dominated Democrat party, keep telling us how much these illegals contribute to our Society.
The facts show that the illegals cost the Federal Government, and the taxpayers in particular , over 250 million dollars in grants to offset the cost of treating illegals in hospitals.
This is one problem that could have been avoided, and the other is that of the growing threat to many of Our Nations cities of the negative effects caused by the gangs MS-13 and MS-18. These “thugs” are responsible for thousands of murders and shootings which send people to emergency rooms of local hospitals. They also are one of the largest purveyors of illegal drugs. Many of their victims require treatment. These gang members would most probably be swept in with the rest of the illegals, if amnesty is passed by Congress in any form. Can we really allow this to happen?


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