Posted by: rotenochsen | November 12, 2007



“Lord, what fools these mortals be” – Shakespeare is reputed to have said.
With each passing day, Americans are increasingly behaving as though Al Gore’s mantra “the debate (over man-made global warming) is over”,as if what he says is true. Warming folklore is deserving of incredulity as the extreme Lefts latest armament in its ongoing battle against capitalism and globalization. But instead it has found insinuation into virtually every corner of our culture.
Communism didn’t die it found a new home in the Ecology Movement, and carried to its fulfillment, it will destroy Our Republic and the Capitalistic system that runs our way of life.
Even though nearly 20,000 scientists have signed a petition disputing AGW( global warming) and denouncing Kyoto. This must be loudly shouted at those sluggishly slipping into the green stupor to reinvigorate debate and assure that reasoned voices are heard over the irrational drone of this ultimately political machine.
The pomposity of Mr.Gore knows no bounds, as illustrated by his statement at the 2007 Oscars, Gore smugly told the audience — and an estimated 1 billion television viewers:
“that resolving the threat posed by a warming climate is ‘not a political issue, it’s a moral issue.”
Thus Mr. Gore has assumed the position of not only the “Real Elected “President in 2000, the inventor of the Internet and the arbitrator of Good and Evil. Only God has that right!
The pompous pseudo-scientific community that has deliberately ignored for their own purposes the effects of the Sun on Our Worlds climate. This despite the fact that most Climate Scientists have postulated the affect that Sun bursts have on Our Climate. The varying intensity of the atomic explosions on the surface of the Sun 82 million miles away from Earth do have a determinate affect on the weather,and this can be sen in recorded history of droughts and “ice-ages through out Our history.
It is not only pompous, but fool hardy for the American public to assume that man can have a lasting affect on the weather patterns due to our activities. Even more outrageous is the argument that what we are doing now will have a lasting effect on our children and grandchildren.
This argument works when we talk about the burden that profligate spending by a Democrat controlled Congress has produced for generations to come. It also has a direct import if we continue to follow the Lefts path “from cradle to grave” welfare state. These are things that we can quantify, and are the truth. The Global Warming scam is fear mongering at its worst and direct lies at best. Many people try to legitimize Mr. Gores arguments by referring to his 2007 Nobel Peace Prize award. A prize that should go to a person who has advanced the Peace process in Our World, not an Environmental zealot.
I would remind you that the august body of Leftists that selects the recipients of the Nobel award also chose in 1973, Le Duc Tho who was born in Nam Ha province, Vietnam on 14th October, 1911. As a young man he became involved in radical politics and in 1930 helped establish the Indochinese Communist Party. He campaigned against French rule in Vietnam and was twice imprisoned for his political activities (1930-36 and 1939-44)! They also gave an award to what I believe was Americas worst President, and anti-Israel nutcase,
Jimmy Carter!


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