Posted by: rotenochsen | December 25, 2007

A Christmas Warning From a Faithful Reader

A Christmas Commentary From A Loyal Reader

The Lord must be about ready to make a second appearance, because of the almost total denial of decency and the lack of caring for Our fellow Man, in this world.
He has passively watched from above as greed, arrogance, self love, desecration and destruction of art and places built in his honor(Churches and Synagogues) by insensitive “goons” called humans.
The elitists of the world thinking they can emulate our Dear Savior by pretending they can produce beings such as humans and other animals from nothing.
God gave man a brain and a free will to “piddle” around in his miserably short life to keep him occupied. He provided all the ingredients necessary for pompous fools to take matter already created by God, and use these God created materials to make crude replicas of animals,man,etc.
These so called Frankenstein thinkers are creating nothing that was not already available to them by God.
Stupid and arrogant people don’t know that matter cannot be created or destroyed but it may only be altered. Yes, for over 6,000 years man has continuously plundered, murdered and enslaved their enemies, and 2,000+ years ago God sent his only Son to this little “blob” in space to prove his love for man, by allowing him to die for man’s sins.
And what does God receive as thanks for this miracle beyond the understanding of the feeble human mind, disbelief and worldwide chaos, and hate.
How insignificant we are on this exiled planet spinning in a galaxy of billions of God made stars, which more arrogant minds refuse to accept this Truth.
Their feeble minds can spend a lifetime trying to deny their “half cocked” non-creationist (Big Bang) beliefs.
A few brilliant scientists did own up to being honest and admitting he had accomplished little in a lifelong pursuit in a particular science and there has to be a Creator who put this puzzle in place.
The same creator has the power and the promise that he is going to undo a part of that puzzle, and set things right for all the arrogance, pride,and worldwide hate.
Let the “snakes, and grasshoppers” fiddle their way into Hell, and those of faith in God be prepared for the promise of his coming. When He will gather up those who believed and were humble of heart to Heaven and scatter the proud and the mighty to the bowels of Hell.
Merry Christmas to all!

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