Posted by: rotenochsen | January 4, 2008

A Hobson’s Choice in Iowa And For Me!

A Hobson’s Choice For Me

“A free choice in which only one option is offered and one may refuse to take that option.” So said Hobson, the English Nobleman of the 16th Century. He ran a stable and you had one choice. The horse in the first stall, or no horse. Take it or leave it!Yesterday the Democrats had a Hobson’s choice to make and only slightly less than 12% of the population turned out to vote.
There were seven mega wealthy Democrats who courted the voters in Iowa. Some richer than others, but all of them millionaires who pretend to be the champion of the “little man”!

The three who garnered the most votes were a millionaire Senator, aka “ambulance chaser” attorney, who lives in North Carolina on 120 acres in a 28,000 square foot house. An ex-first lady who has managed to hide her wealth and avarice for power to most voters. But former Clinton confidant, Dick Morris, and his wife and partner, Eileen McGann, are positing a theory of Clinton enrichment that attempts to explain the dramatic increase–from as little as $352,000 in 2003 to as much as $50,000,000 in 2005–in Hillary Clinton’s disclosed assets.
Then their is the first term African -American Senator from Illinois, who from his one parent childhood has managed to write two best-selling books, has a nice salary as a Senator and a wife with a handsome income. Earlier this year he reported assets of up to $1.14 million in addition to his Chicago home. Of all the Democrats running for President he has the least money, but he still is a privileged man with a Harvard education and mega wealthy backers like Oprah and Warren Buffet.

The thing that unites all three is their vision of the future. The three believe the Federal Government can take care of all your needs and wants from cradle to grave. In fact they are Socialists, even though they pose as rescue workers who will save US from the Horrible ills of the Free Enterprise system!
Thus the Hobson Choice!

There are 2,982,085 people living in Iowa. 354,000 went to the Caucus yesterday. 115,000 voted for Republican candidates and the Democrats garnered 239,000 voters. Hardly a death knell or victory bell for any of the winners or losers. Yet the always “truthful” New York Times printed that the results in Iowa spell doom for the Republicans while cheering Obamas victory.
“With a win in the Iowa caucuses last night, Obama shook conventional wisdom to its political core, preaching “post-partisan” comity and becoming the first African American candidate in either party to win the first-in-the-nation balloting. Obama went into a state of 3 million people, just 2 1/2 percent of whom are black, and cleaned up, topping Clinton and former vice presidential nominee John Edwards by more than eight percentage points.”

I would hardly call getting 39% of 238,000 votes “cleaning up”. But then we are used to the hyperbole of the Media, or are we?

The New York Times political correspondent David Brooks was so excited by the “Two Earthquakes” in Iowa that he had this so say: “Whatever their political affiliations, Americans are going to feel good about the Obama victory, which is a story of youth, possibility and unity through diversity — the primordial themes of the American experience.
And Americans are not going to want to see this stopped. When an African-American man is leading a juggernaut to the White House, do you want to be the one to stand up and say No?

All this over a man who the press wants to label as an person who can change the United States from the “horrible” Bush/Cheney Gulag to a new beginning! But what kind of new Country will we get from any of these Democrats? One that favors the Privileged few. Politicians, entertainers, finance moguls, captains of industry and all the other mega-rich who would put him/her in the White House. The rest of us will get higher taxes, more government control, open borders and a weaker military.

I for one will stand up and say no, Mr. Brooks!



  1. “The primordial themes of American experience”which are the results of youth, experience,and cultural diversity are the decadent words,in my opinion,of a foppish self important liberal from the far left.Yes,if I was a believer in evolution I would say this is a start for his singing praise of the black man who liberals hopefully support out of guilt feelings.If you want a handsome man with fairly good manners,trained in an Eastern left wing school who wrote two books,and is in the U.S.Senate with a left wingers voting record, then consider this man of little to no diplomatic experience.If Americans have thrown in the towel for a freely run government controlled by the people then let them vote for the likes of those running for President in the Democratic Party.Listen to the cooing of Mr.Brooks and other liberals.The little freedom left will go right down the from njmd today

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