Posted by: rotenochsen | January 14, 2008

Why I Believe Thompson Is The Best

Thompson For President

Last week Senator Clinton promised if elected President she would spend 70 billion dollars to help stimulate the economy.
Today, Senator Obama promised to spend 120 billion to aid workers, social security recipients and other welfare recipients.
Neither one made the slightest mention of reducing the Taxation of the over taxed middle class! Bigger Government
and withdrawal from Iraq is all we are promised by these deceptive politicians.
Obama supporters like to be compare him with John Kennedy, but The martyr President was born and raised Catholic, not a born and raised Muslim. He also advocated reducing the high tax rates of previous Administrations to help the economy. The list could be expanded, but these two items illustrate the fact that Senator Obama is no John Kennedy.
This life long Republican voted for Kennedy because of his compassion for the over taxed working man.
Presidential aspirants Clinton and Obama are trying to buy your votes with Cash that they have no right to spend! Americans are already weighted down with a heavy tax burden. We don’t need a tax and spend Socialist in the White House.
The man who thus far has gotten very little traction in the race for the Presidency, is Ex- Senator Fred Thompson. A no nonsense candidate who firmly believes in the principles upon which this Country was founded. States Rights and a smaller Federal government with a strong military !
Thompson is some what like Reagan in terms of how to deal with the evil in our world. Like Reagan, Thompson is also very firm on free enterprise and free trade as the solution to economic challenges. Thompson stands for less taxation, regulation and litigation, as the way to grow a strong economy, just like Reagan.
Leftists hated Reagan, just as much as they hate Bush, maybe even more. They called him “a cowboy” – a “war-monger” – a “fool on foreign policy” and “dangerous” due to his heavy handed willingness to confront evil wherever he found it, on the other side of the world, or the other side of the political aisle. I believe the left feels the same way about Mr. Thompson. And that alone makes me want to vote for him.
But unlike Reagan, Thompson has always been pro-life all his adult life.President Reagan was pro-choice until later in his life.
Thompson is a pure federalist, opposed to bigger government and for reducing the size, scope and expense of government. Unlike Reagan, he is fully opposed to any form of amnesty for those who have broken our laws and seek a free ride to American citizenship. History shows that Reagan relaxed immigration laws (aka amnesty) during his Presidency.
I believe it is time for the Americans to decide whether they want a “slick” politician who promises US a bigger government, with increased taxation and government control of our lives. Or would we be better off with a man who could be the 2008 “version” of Ronald Reagan. A man who doesn’t believe in taxpayer funded scholarships for illegals and does not call President Bush’s foreign policy arrogant. For those who don’t know who advocates the above, it is Huckabee.
Huckabee is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!
A syncretist is one who attempts the reconciliation or union of different or opposing principles. Trying to convince the United States voting public that the can be all things to all people appears to be the aim of today’s candidates for the Presidency.
All except for Fred Thompson. What you hear him say is what he really means, and will deliver. Vote for the man who may not be “so slick” but will make a great President

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