Posted by: rotenochsen | January 16, 2008

Obama Gets Better Treatment Than Pope

A Stark Study In Contrast

This is a story of two prominent people and how they are treated in their own Country.

The first notable is Pope Benedict XVI, who under pressure from University Professors and radical leftist students was forced to cancel a scheduled speech at Rome’s La Sapienza University.

His “people” cancelled the speech because of security concerns, as many professors and students faulted the intellectual, conservative and tradition-minded Pope for a series of positions he has taken that they say subordinate science and reason to faith. Authors note: The statements were about Galaleo many Centuries ago, and recent comments about radical Muslims!

The protest against the visit was spearheaded by physicist Marcello Cini, a professor emeritus (means he doesn’t teach anymore basically)of La Sapienza, who wrote to rector Renato Guarini complaining of an “incredible violation” of the university’s autonomy.
Sixty-seven professors and researchers of the sprawling university’s physics department, as well as radical students, joined in the call for the pope to stay away on Thursday, the start of the university’s academic year.

In stark contrast to the rejection of the Pope in Rome is the open arms reception given by the President of St. Peters College in Jersey City, NJ. where he was allowed to give a political rally speech. Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama held a rally at Saint Peter’s College Wednesday, January 9 at the Yanitelli Recreational Life Center.
“Sen. Obama is the latest in a long series of historic figures to choose to speak at St. Peter’s College,” said Dr. Eugene J. Cornacchia, President, Saint Peter’s College. “We welcome him as we would welcome any presidential candidate who wishes to discuss and debate the ideas and events that are shaping our history.”

If only Catholics, especially the Head of The Church, were given the same courtesy that a Muslim born and raised, who is a convert to a Church whose Pastor honors Lewis Farrakahn is given by the President of a Catholic College!

Obama is an advocate of almost every thing the Jesuits, who founded this University, stand for. He is a proponent of repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, calling it an “abhorrant Law”. He has voted(1997) against the ban in Illinois of partial birth abortions. This is considered a murder of a live person by all Catholics.

He is for research on embryos from fetal cells. This statement reveals his position. “And I’m proud to be a cosponsor of the stem cell bill before us today [“Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005” (H.R. 810)]. This bill embodies the innovative thinking that we as a society demand and medical advancement requires.

“When freedom does not have a purpose, when it does not wish to know anything about the rule of law engraved in the hearts of men and women, when it does not listen to the voice of conscience, it turns against humanity and society.” Pope John Paul II



  1. When the chips fall I,along with many millions of other human animals with a soul which separates them from other animals and gives man a free will to choose God over some airheaded wack job denying God and substituting his own crackpot philosophies against moral law will choose God.These worldly elites have only a few years of living to raise their hell on earth and then they get to spend an eternity in the pits of Hell for their arrogant open denial of a creator by their culture of death philosophies along with their lack of any morals.The Pope is too good to speak to these claptrap scientists who have contributed little to nothing of science.He stands miles above them intellectually and ethically.

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