Posted by: rotenochsen | February 18, 2008


We Need Labels Designating Country Of Origin

In May of 2000 President Clinton’s efforts to normalize relations with Communist China finally was approved. With the passage of “PNTF” by Congress, the Communist Country was given the “Green Light” to manufacture, fabricate and sell goods and products with a great reduction in US tariffs.
Clinton had pushed for this open ended trade deal for months before he finally got what he wanted, and the rewards for him and his wife Hillary have been reported in numerous stories about Chinese contributions to Hillary’s Senatorial campaign. The Charlie Trie scandal is one example of the pay back to the Clinton’s from Chinese recipients of his China deal.The approval of the trade bill represented a political victory for President Bill Clinton, who had lobbied for months to get the measure approved.
“US companies want to invest more in China”, he said the trade bill represented an “historic step towards continued prosperity in America, reform in China and peace in the world”.
“Our administration has negotiated an agreement that will open the Chinese market to American products made on American soil. By this agreement, we will also export one of our most cherished values, economic freedom”, Mr Clinton as reported in the Chicago Tribune

Unfortunately the unintended consequences of opening the trade doors wide has manifested itself in the Drug, Toy, Dog Food and over the counter medicine areas.

The first issue was the toothpaste from China that had diethylene glycol in it, a chemical found in anti-freeze! Then in the same year it was discovered that dog food from China had melamine in it, and lolly pops with metal fragments were found in them. A cough syrup with DEG was shipped from China, and antibiotics were discovered from China that had the same DEG chemical. All these products were recalled, but the Public was at risk!
Bogus rabies vaccine has also been reported, and the real shocker is the Chinese Heparin that was shipped to the US before the plant that synthesized the heparin was even inspected by the FDA. Nor did the plant have a license from the Chinese government to make drugs. This heparin has been recalled by it’s distributor, Baxter International, but not until after over 350 people had allergic reactions, such as tachycardia, vomiting, fainting and sudden decreased in blood pressure. As a result 4 people died.
Heparin is fabricated from pig intestines, and is widely used in the US for cardiac surgery, anti-embolism treatment and dialysis. Baxter made over 29 million dollars a year in heparin sales to hospitals and dialysis units.
With the announcement by the Chinese Communist government that Zhing Xiaoyu, former head of the Chinese Food and Drug administration, was executed for taking $832,000 in bribes from fake drug manufacturers over a nine year period from 1997 to 2006. Some of the blame may be laid at his now dead feet, but the bulk of the blame in this bloggers opinion is the US distributor Baxter International, and all other US sellers of toxic or dangerous Chinese products.
It is easy to point fingers at the foreign producer, but the ultimate blame lies with the people who bought the drugs and products cheap from Chinese manufacturers to add to their bottom line of profits.
This Country will most likely have some type of National Health Insurancein the near future, and paramount to OUR safety is a law that requires the origin of the ingredients in any medicine dispensed or administered. Without it the government and the government suppliers will buy from whomever is the cheapest, and buyer beware!

Our very life could depend on it, because the Wall Street Journal reported that US suppliers of pharmaceutical supplies buys over 4.4 billion dollars worth from China and India each year!


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