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The commonality of Iranian President and the front runner for the Democratic Presidential nomination runs deeper than their Muslim roots. Although Barrack Obama has renounced his childhood Muslim religion and joined the Christian religion. Which by the way makes him an apostate in the eyes of all Muslims. They both feel that American troops should immediately withdraw from Iraq.Obama has even promised that if he is elected President he will have all troops out of Iraq by the end of 2008! A sure prescription for a massacre of those waiting to be evacuated last!
Obama voted against going there militarily in the first place, and yesterday during his visit to Iraq, Ahmadinejad had this to say about the United States.
“Speaking in a nearly hour-long news conference at the end of an unprecedented visit to Iraq, Ahmadinejad called for immediate withdrawal of American troops and said the “U.S. allegations — that Iran is training Shiite militants who target American troops and Muslim rivals — don’t matter to the Iranians. Of course American officials make such remarks and such statements, and we do not care … because they make statements on the basis of erroneous information,” said the hard-line Iranian leader, who smiled through much of the session. “We cannot count on what they say.”
He said the foreign presence in Iraq was an “insult to the regional nations and a humiliation.” Source: Iran Focus News
Perhaps Obama is pandering to the Leftist political organisations such as The National Peace foundation, and other groups who want to see the United States military strength weakened. What ever his opposition to the Iraq war is will remain in his heart and mind. But his solution to the Iranian quest for nuclear arms is based on “just Talking” to them. Perhaps Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Mullahs will stop production and dismantle their nuclear program if Obama is elected President. But I doubt it!
They will look upon Obama as a weakling the same as Hitler did when Neville Chamberlain went, hat in hand, to talk Hitler out of war in 1936.
Ahmadinejad is the first Iranian head of state to visit Iraq since before the Iran/Iraq war 1980-1988 when Iraq invaded Iran in June 1980.When asked about terrorists, he had this to say about America in Iraq:
“Six years ago there were none of these terrorists. When the others stepped foot in this country and region we find a foothold for the terrorists,” he told reporters after meeting Shiite political leader Abdul Aziz Al Hakim.
I guess he forgot the terror that Saddam Hussein’s regime caused for the Iraqi people, especially the Sunni’s.

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