Posted by: rotenochsen | March 14, 2008

History Is Repeating Itself In The United States


Many devout and not so committed Christians and Jews are worried even fearful of the tidal wave of Secularist Atheism that has swept over the United States.
The God who was on the minds of the framers of our Constitution has been banished from the Court Rooms, Schools and public places in the whole of the United States.
The multi-cultists have opened their arms to the Muslim cult in ways they have denied to the followers of the religions that motivated the Original framers of Our Constitution.In San Diego the Carver school allows Muslim students 15 minutes of Prayer time each school day afternoon. In Minneapolis, Minn. every Friday Muslims are given one hour of prayer time. This after Courts have denied Christians the right to use school property to meet in prayer groups after school.
And they are doing it with the help of the ACLU. For a religion that has no desire to assimilate into the United States culture. Sharia creep has begun in Great Britain and France, and if the “PC” people have their way it will happen here.
Today secularists, Atheists and Marxist-Leninists are trying to accomplish what the Romans, Soviet Communists and Chinese Communists have tried to accomplish for over 2000 years. The eradication of Christianity and Judaism.
The Romans tortured, crucified and threw the Christians to the lions, but Christianity survived long after Emperor Diocletian retired in 305AD.
Diocletian’s reign (284-305)is especially remembered by historians, for his renewed persecution of Christians that was begun by Nero. He authorized the killing and torture of those who refused to deny Christianity and accept Jupiter, his god. Three years later, he abdicated his power and allegedly died. Christianity once again flourished in Italy.
Stalin abolished all religions, Jewish and Christian. He even made the Jews scape goats for Russia’s economic problems and began systematic persecution and established “gulags” for imprisoning religious followers.
Stalin made Communism the religion of his tyrannical reign, and many people around the World, and unfortunately here in the U.S., adhere to this “quasi-religion” today.
Fortunately,Ronald Reagan decimated the Communist regime with his arms race and “Star Wars”, and religion has again emerged in Russia.
In China, Chairman (aka dictator)Mao, outlawed all religion. He even attacked the Buddhists in Tibet to try to destroy any vestiges of religious belief in his empire. Fortunately, like all despots, he eventually died and in the ensuing years religion has reappeared in Communist China, although not openly as here in America.
In the United States we now have false gods that have been embraced by Secularists. Money, sex, power and globalism have seemed to replace the worship of God. Ecologists have even found their own god to worship. Nature and all it’s non-human creatures. Thus, there has been a substitute for the one God who says, “I Am”. God finds little room in the minds of those who would create a “new world” in America.
Fortunately there are over 77.8 percent of the American population that still proclaim that they are Christians or Jews.
If we all stick together, and refuse to renounce our religion in the face of the ACLU and it minions. We will not only survive in this secular era, but flourish as those who have adopted secularism will fade into history as have Stalin, Nero, and Mao.
But in the interim, pray to your God no matter if you call him Adanai, Ha Shem or Jesus Christ, that he will protect our troops in harms way, and that this cross of secularism will pass.May God Bless America!


  1. Amen. We must stand firm – the ‘New Atheism’ is a loudly vocal group. If we don’t speak up we might go the way of a socialist/communist regime before it turns back around.

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