Posted by: rotenochsen | March 20, 2008



While shopping this morning I stopped by the bakery to pick up some fresh Kaiser dinner rolls. The rolls were priced at 62 cents last week, and this morning they were a nickle more. The lady behind the counter told me they raised the price on all bakery products, because the cost of flower had been raised by their wholesaler.
I also bought some corn flakes and once again noticed an increased price! The reason being, a sack of flour has risen from $28.00 to $40.00 in the last few months, and it will continue to rise. Experts predict that the cost of living will raise 30% in the next few years because of the bio-fuel stampede
Finally, I realized what I was experiencing. The cost of grain and wheat products was going up because they are getting more scarce as food stuffs, due to the government subsidies being offered to farmers as inducement to sell their corn, grain, soy beans and wheat to the new barons of energy. The bio-fuels industry! Ethanol, a fuel much less efficient in producing energy and twice as expensive to produce as gasoline, has been adopted as the “savior” of our ongoing energy crisis. It costs $6.00 to produce a gallon of ethanol, and you and I pay the extra $3.00 in government subsidies, aka taxes!
or over forty years the Democrats have bowed to the new Deity in the United States, Ecology, and have denied all attempts to build new refineries or allow drilling for more sources of crude oil off the Gulf Coast or in the wasteland tundra of Alaska.
During these 40 years our population has exploded, both legally and illegally. Instead of the 200 million inhabitants we had in 1968 we now have over 300 million.
All these people consume the life blood of our economy and way of life—OIL..
It will come as no surprise that many people believe the present form of government we have is flawed. But what is apparently not understood, is these people have decided that we could be better served if we didn’t have to make so many decisions for ourselves. They, the intelligentsia, bureaucrats, internationalists, socialists and communists have a plan for us.
Dumb down the average person by introducing multiculturalism , political correctness, and less emphasis on learning in Public schools. The end result being to eradicate individual thought and the willingness to do for yourself, not wait for some one to do it for you.
To do this they have a willing accompanist in the Democrat party. The party that brought us the Great Society, affirmative action and Political Correctness now wants to take more of your hard earned money for fodder for the global warming scam.
Putting aside the fact that the Earths average temperature has only risen 1 degree in the last 100 years. The air pollution is a problem in the world. It is a real problem because the two Countries that contribute the most air pollution, Communist China and India, were exempted from Kyoto!
Air drifts from Continent to Continent as Chernobyl proved. Thus all the drastic measures being done here in the USA will be for naught if the exemptions remain.
Big oil companies are Bush and Cheney’s friends. Big solar, big wind, big farming, and the big Sierra Club are the Democrats’ friends. Global warming makes it easy for them to divert the country’s priorities from oil development, to alternate fuel, even when it is not needed for the next 100 years. That’s right. We have enough domestic oil resources to last the country for the next 100 years if only we were allowed to use them by Congressional Democrats. Are we just a bunch of sheep to be moved along by the iron staff of the Leftist? Or will we vote next November to stop the slippery slope to Socialism that both Obama and Hillary offer?

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