Posted by: rotenochsen | April 2, 2008


What Bible Are they Reading?

The Rev. Anthony B. “Tony” Robinson wrote in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (March 28), “After 9/11, Wright charged that ‘America’s chickens are coming home to roost’ … he said ‘God damn America.’ … Sounds like what the Bible calls a prophet.”

The Dallas Morning News (March 29) reported, “More than two dozen well-known black preachers and scholars, in Dallas for a long-planned conference, offered unequivocal support Friday for one of their number who was not there. … Several of the scholars and preachers spoke at a news conference. They said that Dr. Wright’s sermons fit into a long-standing black tradition of prophetic preaching.”source:The Patriot Post

I am no scholar of Religion. My only claim to understanding religion and the prophets associated with it, is my grammer school and college courses in the History of Religion. I also have my own faith that tells me, hate speech was never a part of the message that prophets preached. It certainly did not come out of the mouth of John the Baptist.

When I hear about so many Black Pastors coming to the aid of Reverend Wright’s hate America and “whitey”. I am stuck by an idea that too many Black churches have lost the reason for their existence.

I have no problem if they want to preach that Mary and Joseph and their son, Jesus, was Black. I do have a serious problem if Black churches have become like too many Muslim Mosques here in the USA. Preaching hatred and filling the minds of parishioners with lies about the root cause of AIDS, Drug use and inciting to riot have no place in tax exempt houses of worship.

Free speech has it’s limits. Freedom is not a license to preach hatred and foment division among our peoples.What Reverend Wright, and his outspoken supporters( and I listed just a few of the quotes available) should be out of bounds for anyone who claims to believe in the teachings of Jesus.

“The essence of the real prophets was not that they said things that disturbed people; the moral essence of the prophets was their moral clarity. They knew the difference between good and evil. “Woe unto those who call good ‘evil’ and call evil ‘good,'” said the Prophet Isaiah”. source:Dennis Prager


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