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Monday, April 07, 2008


Since August 15 , 2007 ACLU and their leftist lawyers have challenged the legality of the Patriot Act , and the Leftist Media has been a willing accomplice in the effort to prevent the renewal of the expired act. Democrats have lined up to defend the ACLU position, despite the fact that there is evidence of spies and covert agents for China, Russia, North Korea and even Israel at work gathering classified material from all departments of our government.

Some spies have been “moles” for decades inside the Defense Department, CIA, NSA, FBI and State Department.Aldridge Ames is a prime example. He spied for the Soviets within the

CIA for many years before being apprehended in 1994.

We have the threat of Radical Muslim spies for alQaeda, and Hamas doing their utmost to learn sensitive information about our war plans to fight Islamic terrorism, and funding that comes from the USA to Muslim terrorists.
An example of the effectiveness of the counter espionage units within the USA intelligence community is this case that just concluded with the sentencing of a Chinese spy to 24 1/2 years in federal prison for spying.
According to US intelligence and Justice Department officials, the Mak case represents only a small facet of an intelligence-gathering operation that has long been in place and is growing in size and sophistication. The Chinese government, in an enterprise that one senior official likened to an “intellectual vacuum cleaner,” has deployed a diverse network of professional spies, students, scientists and others to systematically collect US know-how, the officials said. Some are trained in modern electronic techniques for snooping on wireless computer transactions. Others, such as Mak, are technical experts who have been in place for years and have blended into their communities.
The Protect America Act modernized the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)was passed by Congress, to provide our intelligence community essential tools to acquire important information about terrorists(aka:spies)who want to harm America. The Act, which passed with bipartisan support in the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Bush on August 5, 2007, restores FISA to its original focus of protecting the rights of persons in the United States, while not acting as an obstacle to gathering foreign intelligence on targets located in foreign countries. By enabling our intelligence community to close a critical intelligence gap that existed before the Act became law, the Protect America Act has already made our Nation safer.

The ACLU and Media have tried to destroy the Act by spreading untruths about it that I list below.

Myth: The ACLU has claimed that “Many [people] are unaware that their library habits could become the target of government surveillance. In a free society, such monitoring is odious and unnecessary. . . The secrecy that surrounds section 215 leads us to a society where the ‘thought police’ can target us for what we choose to read or what Websites we visit.” (ACLU, July 22, 2003)
Reality: The Patriot Act specifically protects Americans’ First Amendment rights, and terrorism investigators have no interest in the library habits of ordinary Americans. Historically, terrorists and spies have used libraries to plan and carry out activities that threaten our national security. If terrorists or spies use libraries, we should not allow them to become safe havens for their terrorist or clandestine activities. The Patriot Act ensures that business records – whether from a library or any other business – can be obtained in national security investigations with the permission of a federal judge.
Myth: The ACLU claims that the Patriot Act provision about delayed notification search warrants “would allow law enforcement agencies to delay giving notice when they conduct a search. . . . This provision would mark a sea change in the way search warrants are executed in the United States.” (ACLU, October 23, 2001)
Reality: Delayed notification search warrants are a long-existing, crime-fighting tool upheld by courts nationwide for decades in organized crime, drug cases and child pornography. The Patriot Act simply codified the authority law enforcement had already had for decades. This tool is a vital aspect of our strategy of prevention – detecting and incapacitating terrorists before they are able to strike. Source:Dept. Of Justice Web Site
During the Cold War, most espionage was conducted by the Soviet Union and associated Communist countries in Eastern Europe. The surprising thing is how many other neutral or allied countries have also been involved in espionage against the United States. American citizens have been arrested for conducting espionage on behalf of South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Israel, Netherlands, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, El Salvador and Ecuador. Information is based on the 111 cases in which offenders succeeded in passing information.
It is not surprising that 51% of espionage offenders have foreign interests. In considering the security risk associated with foreign interests, it is important to distinguish between susceptibility to recruitment and vulnerability to being targeted for recruitment. Foreign interests do not make one more susceptible (less loyal), but they do make one more vulnerable. Americans with foreign interests have valuable language skills and area knowledge. Because of these skills, they are more likely than other Americans to be in positions where they have access to classified information. They are more likely to have contact with foreigners and more likely to feel comfortable dealing with foreigners. They are also more likely to be accessible for assessment and to be targeted for recruitment by foreign intelligence services. Thus the need for surveillance of Americans in sensitive positions.
Perilous times require severe and often unusual procedures to apprehend those who would betray our Country!



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