Posted by: rotenochsen | April 11, 2008



If a school violates the Federal mandates regarding no religious instruction allowed within school property, or a University doesn’t comply with affirmative action federal regulations. They will most certainly loose Federal funding.
Why then, can the City of Los Angeles or San Francisco get away with open defiance of the law of the Land regarding illegals?
Both cities have declared themselves as “amnesty” cities that offer sanctuary to illegals.
San Francisco is going so far against the law that they are advertising their sanctuary status.This information was publish on Michelle Malkins web page today.
“Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who is working on the planned outreach campaign to undocumented immigrants, said it will ensure “a lot of deserving people” take advantage of city services. “To me, it’s a logical follow-through.”
The announcements will feature Newsom and other city officials, according to meeting minutes from The City’s Immigrant Rights Commission.
The latest proposal is another action making San Francisco “the most flamboyant city in the country when it comes to working against federal immigration laws,” said Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center of Immigration, a Washington, D.C., think tank favoring tougher enforcement of federal immigration laws”.
I think flamboyant is a kind word. I would call them most flagrant!
Perhaps the Supervisors and residents who support this unlawful act don’t give a tinkers damn about the economic affect their policy has on the low wage earner, but they should consider these facts.
Statistical analysis shows that when immigration increases the supply of workers in a skill category, the earnings of native-born workers in that same category fall. The negative effect will occur regardless of whether the immigrant workers are legal or illegal, temporary or permanent. Any sizable increase in the number of immigrants will inevitably lower wages for some American workers. Conversely, reducing the supply of labor by strict immigration enforcement and reduced legal immigration would increase the earnings of native workers.Source” Center For Immigration Studies

Good intentions that have an adverse affect are the devils workmanship. It would be more prudent if the City Fathers of two of the most beautiful cities in the USA had more concern for those who are here legally and need a decent wage!


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