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Friday, May 09, 2008


With farmers destroying wheat fields to plant corn or soy beans, to cash in on the subsidized price of grain products that can be used to make ethanol. The world is beginning to experience food riots and over fourteen countries are facing rapidly approaching famine.
Since the majority of Congress and the President have “bought in to” the idea that ethanol will help reduce our dependence on fosil fuels, despite the fact that it costs more to make than gasoline and gradually destroys fuel injectors in motor cars! The supply of corn, soy beans and rice has been drastically reduced for the making of food products.Check your food stores to see the results, higher prices. And this is just the begining!
In places like Haiti the poor are eating yellow cake “mud Biscuits”. On the roof of a former prison, enterprising women prepare something that looks like biscuits and is even called by that name. The key ingredient, yellow clay, is trucked in from the nearby mountains. The clay is combined with salt and vegetable fat to make dough, which is then dried in the sun. The clay costs$5.00 to make 100 biscuits!
For many Haitians, the mud biscuits are their only food. They taste of fat, suck the moisture out of the mouth and leave behind an aftertaste of dirt. They often cause diarrhea, but they help to numb the pangs of hunger. “I’m hoping one day I’ll have enough food to eat, so I can stop eating these,” Marie Noël, who survives with her seven children on the dirt cakes.source :The Associated Press
The shortages triggered revolts in Haiti last week. A crowd of hungry citizens marched through Port-au-Prince, throwing stones and bottles and chanting, “We are hungry!” in front of the presidential palace. Tires were burned, and people died. It was yet another of the rebellions that are beginning to occur with increasing frequency worldwide, but which are still only a harbinger of what is yet to come. The USA closed our embasy during these riots!
Food is become increasingly scarce and expensive, and it is already unaffordable for many people. It is estimated that 850 million people have to go to bed hungry every night. How long will it be before these hungry people turn to the violence of revolution and the Communism that usually follows a revolution that is violent!
World Bank President Robert Zoellick warned that exploding food prices threaten to cause instability in at least 33 countries, including regional powers like Egypt, Indonesia and Pakistan, where the army has had to be brought in to protect flour transports. The crisis is helping radical Islamic movements gain strength in North Africa. There has been unrest in recent weeks in Mauritania, Mozambique, Senegal, the Ivory Coast and Cameroon, where the violence has already claimed about 100 lives. source : DerSpiegel
The food crisis has hit Manila in the Philippines where Communist insurgents have already been busy with their spread of revolution through violence. India has the largest number of underfed people, about 220 million!
China with over close to a quarter of the world’s population to feed, but only 7 percent of its farmland. And a similar situation applies in India. This means that both countries must import food on a large scale, prompting many exporting countries to impose export quotas so that their own citizens are not suddenly forced to go without.
How long will the ethanol frenzy go on in the USA? Will it take riots by the poor and rationing to wake Americans to the fact that ethanol is not the answer to the fuel crisis here in the USA?
More drilling where we know the oil is and building more refineries will make some people mad, but is the only Christian thing to do. As Christ said, “feed My poor.! Not make ethanol out of food products and starve my poor!



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