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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TheFederal Budget for the National Science Foundation is 6.5 billion dollars in 2008. This is a raise of 691 million from the 2007 budget. Many people may not know that this money is used for basic research as well as social research. A large portion of the money is spent on such controversial subjects as stem cell research, global warming and genetically modified foods.
Additionally the government allocated 17.3 billion of our tax dollars for NASA to use for Planetary research. Included in this budget is monies for trying to find life on the planets millions of miles away!
While we waste billions trying to find proof of the Big Bang theory. The Chinese Communists are developing a weapon to shoot down space satallites as this exerpt from the Russian Space Agency News illustrates. “China started its own year in space in 2007, demonstrating an impressive capability to shut down enemy satellites in space. According to the Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine, quoting US officials, the anti-satellite missile lifted off from the Xichang site on January 11, 2007, lofting a “kill vehicle,” which then directly impacted and destroyed a functioning Chinese satellite.
In 2005 the Republican Congress attempted to cut the size of government to reduce the tax burden on Americans. Of course the Democrats in the Senate opposed their proposal that included over $500 billion in cuts to government programs over five years, including significant cuts to NASA, Amtrak subsidies, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Peace Corps, foreign aid, the Earned Income Tax Credit, the national park system, community health centers, and agricultural subsidies. The present(2008) Congress has approved massive tax dollar expenditures to aid the bio-fuels fiasco!
In 2006 the Federal Government paid for 340 billion dollars for Reasearch and development. Much of this was for good practical reason applicable to our lives, but much was spent on nonsense!
One example of a waste of our taxpayers money can be found in the “research” done by Helen Hansma who is trying to debunk the Intelligent Design theory, that life was created by a Supreme Devine Being(GOD) , by proving that life began in the depths of the ocean from one celled slime.
December 4, 2007: “Earth’s first life may have developed between the layers of a chunk of layered mica sitting like a multilayered sandwich in the primordial soup, according to a new hypothesis. The so called “soup and sandwich” mica hypothesis, which was developed by Helen Hansma of the National Science Foundation (NSF), proposes that that the compartments between layers of mica — a common mineral that cleaves into smooth sheets — could have provided the shelter and protection needed for molecules to reorganize into cells.Hansma will present her “soup and sandwich” mica hypothesis at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in Washington D.C,. on December 4, 2007.
Hansma says that her “soup and sandwich” mica hypothesis is supported by several lines of evidence, including the many chemical and physical similarities between a cell interior and the space between mica sheets. For example, both environments are potassium-rich and negatively-charged. Such similarities suggest that mica “would have provided a very hospitable environment to the earliest biomolecules,” says Hansma.
The conclusion that we as humans come from a “soup and sandwich” of ocean slime is an insult to all Christians Jews, and all religious people who believe in a Supreme Being. It is an example of the many ways special interest groups live off of taxpayers hard work by alleged research that ends with the conclusion that it, “Might BE!”
And if this is not enough to wake you, consider the fact that your tax dollars could soon be used to be part of “Big Brother” watching our vehicle emissions. This from NASA: ” As envisioned, NASA’s atmospheric remote sensing technology will be adapted to an autonomous roadside system to monitor motor vehicle emissions. Cars and trucks will pass through a low-power light beam, without stopping or slowing down. Space-age sensor technology will instantly analyze vehicle exhaust pollutants important to local and state governments working to meet federally mandated air quality standards”.
“Taking an accurate reading of several exhaust products as a car passes by is a formidable challenge. We want to take a measurement of all the gases of interest every one thousandth of a second over a period of a half-second”.
Billions to record the motor vehicle emissions in America while China and India continue to polute the air in an un- regulated manner! Go Figure!

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