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Thursday, May 08, 2008

In North Carolina, Hillary Clinton could muster only 8% of the black vote and about 40% of voters younger than 45. Early in the campaign, in neighboring South Carolina, she won 19% of the black vote. Her plunging standing among African-American voters has made it almost impossible for her to win the kinds of sizable victories she needs to close the delegate gap.
All over the South Obama has courted and won the Black vote as shown in these statistics from South Carolina.”Blacks made up 55 percent of the voters in Saturday’s contest, slightly more than turned out in the state’s primary four years ago and by far their biggest share in any presidential contest so far this year. Obama won eight in 10 of their votes”. source:MSNBC
With the media and print news promoting the idea that the election of an African-American would be a major ” breakthrough”for the USA, and at the same time warning that if Hillary wrests the nomination from Obama in Denver, the streets will erupt in fire.
The Democrat campaign has become as racist as never before. Michelle Obama was sent forth to stir up parishioners in Black Churches. Obama cry of Change appeal to followers of Black Liberation Theology, and many young idealists, but what is the change we will get if the anointed Black, aka Lefist, candidate from Illinois wins.
Perhaps his words speak less than do his associates with whom he has cavorted and admired for the past 20 years.
“This primary season may not be over, but when it is, we will have to remember who we are as Democrats,” Obama said. “This fall, we intend to march forward as one Democratic Party united by a common vision for our country.” An appeal to Democrats to unite behind the man who used his race to court Black and liberal voters throughout the USA.
While he was saying the above, his wife was saying this to voters: “I don’t want Barack to be anybody other than who he is. Because if America doesn’t accept that, then I want America to own that. I want them to look themselves in the face and say “you had a choice. You had a choice to choose somebody who was decent, who was going to be a uniter. Somebody who’s going to be honest, who is going to tell you the truth. All these things you say you want, and then you get it, and you trip. You freak out. And you question it, and you worry, and is it true”?
The truth about who Obama is, is the last thing on the Obamas minds. Their 20 year affiliation with the race-baiting, American hating Pastor Wright, and their close association with Wheatherman bomber turned college professor Bill Ayers, puts a lie to all they say about unity on the campaign trail! Obama is a socialist, who believes the government should tax and spend to provide all our needs from cradle to grave, make no mistake about that! And his associates and friends prove it.
Since Obama has not disavowed Ayers, it is appropriate to quote him from statements he made on his own web page. Episodic Notoriety-Fact and Fiction concludes with this: ” Capitalism played it’s historic role and is exhausted as a force for progress: built on eploitation, theft, force, conquest, war and racism, capitalism and imperialism must be defeated and a world revolution-a revolution against war and racism and materialism, a revolution based on human solidarity and love cooperation and the common good- must win”.
If what he is saying doesn’t sound like the Communist manafesto, I will eat my favorite Packers hat!
In the states of North and South Carolina, and Pennsylvania statitics show that Obama received 90% of the Black vote, and I suspect it was the same in most states. No matter that he associated with indicted criminals, racist Pastor and weatherman bomber. He is one of them!
But willmiddle America vote for a man who speaks of a Change he will bring that may not be what is good for a Free America!



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