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The British have had their own form of Socialism since Margaret Thatcher was defeated by the socialists in 1990.For over 50 years the French,Germans and most of Europe have their own forms of socialism or neo-communism as found in Italy.
Now we are faced with two Democrats that propose to take our Republic further down the road to Godless socialism, and I think it appropriate to illustrate a situation that just developed in England.
“Judges will have their freedom to set jail terms restricted and instead will be required to follow a sentencing “grid” drawn up by an independent commission, according to Government proposals. The Ministry of Justice last night conceded that the move could cut the number of short prison terms imposed and lead to more criminals being given community sentences”.
The plans, which were revealed in the draft Queen’s Speech published this week, are designed to take the pressure off the overcrowded prison system. Under the scheme, judges would enter data, including information about prison resources, into a matrix which would then produce upper and lower sentences. source: News Telegraph
This is being done, because there are 82,000 people in the jails of England and Wales, and the socialist, wannabe communists, believe that too much money is being diverted from the “welfare state” to the prison system. Thus more criminals will be set free to do “community service”and the public beware!They already have problem with radical Muslim riots on the streets. Now they will have criminals freed to roam the streets as well!
This is just one more move to remove another capitalistic system from the British society, and replace it with a scheme that is designed for the “common good”. To understand where the British, French and Germans are today, and where people like Obama and Hillary plan to take the USA. It is important to consider the master plan of the British Communist party as relates to the current British socialism.
The following is an excerpt from the Communist Party of Britain’s “The Road To Socialism”.
“Socialism will be merely the first, lower stage of communist society. The state would still be needed—not only to help plan production—but to defend the socialist system against internal and external attack.
But by continuously planning and expanding production to meet everyone’s material needs, liberating humanity from exploitation and want, socialism will lay the basis for a second, higher stage.
As the threat from capitalism recedes nationally and internationally, the socialist state begins to wither away, except for some technical and administrative functions; humanity can finally create a world free from all forms of oppression, based on common ownership of the means of production, working them co-operatively and ecologically to produce abundance for all.
The guiding principle of full communism will be: “
from each according to their potential—to each according to their need.”
A new morality will characterise the social relations between people: the egotistical individualism of capitalism will be replaced by collective care and concern for every individual and for the full, all-round development of the human personality. If there is working class unity in Britain, and international solidarity with all the other major forces in the world fighting for progress and socialism, then we can defeat the moribund system of state-monopoly capitalism in Britain.
This will contribute to the liberation of working people everywhere. The socialist society for which Communists are fighting in Britain will have essential features in common with other socialist societies—but it will be constructed by the peoples of Britain, on the basis of our democratic and revolutionary heritage”.
This sounds eerily like “It Takes a Village”, and “We will have to take from the haves to give to the have nots”. In the coming election you will have a choice between one of two affirmative action, political correct Socialist candidates — Hillary or Obama — and a GOP Capitalist candidate who made it the hard way, via five years in the “Hanoi Hilton”. McCain is bound to be scapegoated for being white and over 50. It will not be subtle, and it is bound to happen because too many people make their living, or depend upon the Democrat form of socialism, for their “daily bread”. Like the entire Democrat Party

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