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On Thursday July 18,2007 Obama introduced his social welfare program,he plans to implement if elected to the presidency, to the Press. The following is a quote from the Washington Times.

“The government has spent $11 trillion on the war on poverty since it was declared by President Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1964, said Robert Rector, senior research fellow with the Heritage Foundation. In 2004 federal, state and local governments spent $583 billion, or 5 percent of the gross domestic product, on food, housing, medical and targeted social services for the poor, Mr. Rector said.
Mr. Obama’s plan to replicate successful urban youth programs would greatly expand the federal government’s role in helping the nonprofit groups that now operate them.”

He vowed to pass a plan that he outlined last year to provide more financial support to unwed fathers who help raise their children and crack down on fathers who don’t, and to help new mothers by expanding the Nurse-Family Partnership, which offers home visits by registered nurses to low-income mothers and mothers-to-be. He would also spend $1 billion over five years in jobs programs that place unemployed workers into temporary jobs and then train them for permanent ones”.My question is where will he find the jobs for the unskilled?

The Illinois senator said he would spend about $6 billion annually, with his first task being to replicate in 20 cities such successful child and youth development programs as the Harlem Children’s Zone in New York City and the Town Hall Education, Arts and Recreation Campus in the District, where he outlined his plan.
“I’ll be honest, it can”t be done on the cheap. It will cost a few billion dollars a year.” Once again by more taxation!

After explaining that his involvement in poverty programs was not new. He said he had been involved for 25 years in poverty plans in Chicago,but didn’t reveal that his associates were known anarchists!

Perhaps the most ambitious feature of his plan is his promise to raise the minimum wage automatically every year by tying it to the cost-of-living index. This could raise the cost of a “Big Mac” to $5.00!
In addition, Mr. Obama said he would create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund dedicated to adding as many as 112,000 units annually in mixed-income neighborhoods and ensure that capital for inner-city businesses is available using a national network of business incubators.
Throughout his speech, Mr. Obama attempted to solidify his centrist position by chastising Democrats for defending programs enacted by Mr. Johnson’s Great Society that they knew to be “ineffective” as well as for ignoring the role of absent fathers and inner-city crime in the persistence of poverty. It is an old bromide of Marxists to say Communism failed because they did not do it right!
At the same time, he criticized Republicans for not valuing such investments in youth and working families. Perhaps they were trying to leave some money in the middle class taxpayers pocket

“The right has often seized on these failings as proof that the government can’t and shouldn’t do a thing about poverty — that it is a result of individual moral failings and cultural pathologies, and so we should just sit back and let these cities fend for themselves,” he said. Sounds like Marx or Lenin to me!

“And so Ronald Reagan launched his assault on quote-unquote welfare queens, and George Bush spent the last six years slashing programs to combat poverty, and job training, and substance abuse, and child abuse.” Senator, they also made the economy work, and raised tax revenues by incentive to do more work for less taxation!

What does his extremely liberal leadership mean for America?…nbsp; The answers are beginning to show themselves. Obama’s campaign theme is “change.…nbsp; Voters, if he’s elected president, we may all be working for “change,…nbsp; pocket-change.
“I believe in the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change,…nbsp; Obama has asserted. He also says his faith has led him to question “the idolatry of the free market.…nbsp; Now it appears that a President Obama’s foreign and domestic policies are much like his previous church’s Afrocentric doctrine he once pledged to uphold. Americans will pay a hefty price. It’s not too hard to figure that trading Iraq for third-world countries tips the scale in the wrong direction.
The Global Poverty Act, Senate Bill S.2433 sponsored by none other than Obama. If l passed in the Senate in September, Barack Obama and the U.N. may well be on their way to having their hands in the U.S. taxpayer pockets.
This bill requires the president to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to advance a foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day. It also includes guidelines for what the strategy should include — from foreign aid, trade, economic development and debt relief to working with the international community and leveraging the participation of businesses and nongovernmental organizations.
All the objectives are noble goals, but eliminating World poverty is a job for all nations including China, Russia, Brazil and the EU. None of these countries has stepped forward to tax their citizens more than they are already to accomplish Obama’s goals.
Also, the proposals in his campaign platform, if implemented would put a tremendous tax burden on the already heavily taxed American taxpayer!

This is blatant Socialism on a global scale that Obama is advocating. If you don’t believe me, read the statement of a well known and respected economist who has taken the position that Obama is a danger to the USA.

“Edgar K. Browning, professor of economics at Texas A&M University, has a new book aptly titled “Stealing from Each Other.” Its subtitle, “How the Welfare State Robs Americans of Money and Spirit,” goes to the heart of what the book is about. The rise of equalitarian ideology has driven Americans to steal from one another. Browning explains that certain kinds of equality have been a cherished value in America. Equality under the law and, within reason, equality of opportunity is consistent with a free society. Equality of results is an anathema to a free society and within it lie the seeds of tyranny”.

Most economists agree that income is closely related to productivity”. SOURCE: Walter Williams/Townhall


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