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Thursday, August 21, 2008

On August 21,1968, Russian tanks and soldiers armed with automatic weapons rolled in to Prague, Checoslovakia to quell an apparent Democratic rebellion by it’s Communist satellite.
Alexander Dubrek had led an experiment in giving Communism a “human face”.

The Prague Spring was the last attempt of communist reformers in the Eastern Bloc to rid their countries of the vestiges of Stalinism and to decentralize the totalitarian system. It was an historical breaking point with a depressing fallout. And it was then, in the summer of 1968, 12 years after the Hungarian Revolution and seven years after a wall first divided Germany in two, that a powerful illusion died out — the illusion that the communist system could gradually develop into a new kind of liberal democracy.

Dubrek became a Czechoslovak icon as well as the hope of reformers in other socialist and communist countries. But Czechoslovakia’s experiment became its tragedy on the night of August 21, 1968, when the armies of Communist Russia invaded. Students in Prague graffitied on a building wall, “Lenin, wake up, they’ve gone mad.��  Images of desperate people standing up defenseless against the tanks drew worldwide attention and widespread sympathy for the rebellion of little Czechoslovakia against the huge Soviet Union, but as now there was no definitive action taken against the USSR!

Many say Communism is dead, but I believe that Putin’s actions signify that the economic model of Communism may have died, but the aggression and thirst for power that defined Stalin and Khrushchev is still alive in Putin


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