Posted by: rotenochsen | October 13, 2008


Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” —Ronald Reagan

It is difficult keeping up with Obama’s promises to the voters. There have been so many changes and the package he promises voters is reported in the pliant Media in such a positive way, that the sum total is bewildering.
One thing I can say with certainty, is that he promises a shift toward the welfare state like nothing our Republic has experienced since the Constitution was ratified.

Obama adds continually hype the fact that anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year will not have their taxes raised. What he doesn’t tell the voters is that those millions who do not pay taxes, will get a REBATE check! Where the money will come from is of course out of the pockets of the hard working middle class.

Mr. Obama’s campaign promise, which he has repeated in his speeches and in the presidential debates, stems from his “Making Work Pay” tax cut that will give a $500 refundable tax credit to every worker or $1,000 to each working couple. But because this provision in his economic-recovery plan is “refundable,” a large number of middle- to lower-income workers who have no income-tax liability after taking tax credits and deductions the that Internal Revenue Service allows, will be given the equivalent of the tax cut in the form of direct payments from the US Treasury – funded by higher-income taxpayers.

Because the IRS says that nearly 46 million tax filers – one-third of all filers – had no tax liability in 2006, there is the question of how millions of Americans can receive an income “tax cut” when they pay no taxes. “It’s got to raise alarm bells when you claim you are going to cut taxes for 95 percent of working families when more than 40 percent of them pay no income taxes,” said Phil Kerpen, policy director at Americans for Prosperity, a grass-roots free-market advocacy group…The freshman senator’s campaign Web site defines the Democrat’s tax-relief proposal only in terms of offering workers “middle class tax cuts” and “for 10 million low-income Americans, will completely eliminate their federal income taxes.”

But in a recent research paper on federal taxpayers, Scott Hodge, president of the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, said, “There will be 47 million tax returns with zero-income tax liability in 2009 under current law. That’s one-third of all tax returns and those 47 million tax returns represent 96 million individuals. “source:Investors Business Daily

His “tax cuts” are base lined against the Clinton era brackets and ignore the President Bush tax cuts. The result will a huge tax increase for millions of middle class taxpayers. The one hundred million taxpayers that he claims are being ignored pay no income taxes now, only the payroll (Social Security) tax. He intends to give them a break even on this tax through a massive income redistribution scheme which is nothing more than welfare! These are facts not my opinions!

Then there is the fact that we may be electing an Apostate to the Presidency, despite all the claims by Obama and his campaign handlers that he is not or was not a Muslim.The following is an excerpt from an article written by Lt.Col.Michael Burket(Retired)

“The point here is that the religion of the foreign mother is on no consequence in the Muslim world. The status of my wife’s religion was never asked. It was assumed I’m sure, her religion was the same as mine. That’s the way it is in the Muslim world. Women are not afforded much in the way of status in the Muslim world, and Obama’s mother was no exception.

Islamic law is consistent throughout the Muslim world. Children of a Muslim father, even secular Muslims, those who rarely attend Mosque services, rarely keep the Ramadan fast, the Eid holidays etc. are automatically Muslims. The child of a Muslim father, is a Muslim. There is no wiggle room here. Koranic law is the law!

Barack Hussein Obama lived in Indonesia as a child. His mother, no doubt was a convert to Islam, as a Muslim will not marry a non-Muslim, at least not publicly or officially. Obama’s mother was married twice—to Muslim men! Young Barack Hussein would not have lasted long in a Madrasa, if he weren’t a Muslim. Peer pressure alone would have been intolerable, yet young Obama attended the Madrasa for several years. Make no mistake about it; he attended AS A MUSLIM. There would have simply been no other way.

During Obama’s childhood in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, he attended an Islamic school, we know as a Madrasa. Young Barack Hussein would have studied the Koran, the Haddith and the Sunna. He would have received indoctrination in the Muslim faith, just like the other boys his age and at his level of schooling. Young Barack Hussein would have participated in the five daily prayers, either in a prayer room at his Madrasa, or at a local Mosque.

Obama has attempted to mask his early religious training and affiliation but anyone who knows anything about the Muslim religion easily sees through the charade. So what you say. Why should we care about all of this? The reason is simple. In the Muslim world, Barack Hussein Obama is an APOSTATE. An apostate is a person who has turned his back on Islam. In short, you can’t quit the Islamic faith. It is simply not allowed in Islam!

Of course there are many men and women who do just that. They convert to other faiths for a variety of reasons and for the most part, do so with impunity. However, each and every man or woman who quits Islam and professes belief in another faith, such as Christianity, Judaism or whatever is subject to being killed, in the name of Allah! The Koran demands that an apostate be killed.

Is it of any consequence you continue to ask that Obama was once a Muslim, but is now a Christian? Obama is an apostate and it’s a very serious issue with 1.4 Billion Muslims around the world. Experts on Islam generally agree that someone who is born a Muslim (in effect, someone who had a Muslim father), who later renounces Islam, is considered an apostate, and vile enemy of Islam. Again, it’s Islamic law almost universally.

Should Obama become U.S. commander in chief, there is a strong likelihood that Al-Qaida’s media arm, As-Sahab, will exploit Obama’s background to argue that an “apostate” is leading the Global War on Islam and is attacking and killing fellow Muslims!” source: The New Media Journal

Although I realize that my message is received by too few people, and am literally “preaching to the choir”. Wake up Americans and spread the message to your friends and neighbors before we awaken in the new Marxist state!

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