Posted by: rotenochsen | December 13, 2008


Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” —Ronald Reagan

Yesterday the Democrat,aka socialist,Senator Fiengold from Wisconsin sent a letter to president elect Obama asking him to reverse all of Bush’s executive orders that he felt had taken away authority from the Congress. His hope was that the President elect would restore the balance of power he believed has been lost.

Today he and his ilk are strangely silent as president Bush has announced that he intends to use the undesignated TARP money to fund the bail out of the Big 3 auto makers in Detroit.

This is a blatant usurping of the powers of the Congresional authority to appropriate money. It appears that that Bush’s interference is being done to help save the UAW from making any meaningful cuts in the wage and benefit structure of their members and retirees.Nor are they willing to stop paying laid off workers 95% of their salary when they are not producing any profit! Certainly the Big 3 cost of hiring one UAW worker at $73.00 per hour and earned benfits of $23.00 per hour leaves some wiggle room!

Even Obama had his “two cents” worth to contribute to the situation that would undermine the separation of powers if done by Bush. He said this today. “I am disappointed that the Senate could not reach agreement on a short-term plan for the auto industry. I share the frustration of so many about the decades of mismanagement in this industry that has helped deliver the current crisis.”(note he blams only management)
“Those bad practices cannot be rewarded or continued. But I also know that millions of American jobs rely directly or indirectly on a viable auto industry, and that the beginnings of reform are at hand. The revival of our economy as a whole should not be a partisan issue. So I commend those in Congress as well as the Administration who tried valiantly to forge a compromise. My hope is that the Administration and the Congress will still find a way to give the industry the temporary assistance it needs while demanding the long-term restructuring that is absolutely required.”

You will notice their is no mention of drastic action needed by the UAW. History shows that when the Airlines industry was in financial trouble, the Airline Pilots union and the Flight Attendants union had to agree to benefits and salary cuts to keep the planes flying. It worked. This present situation cannot possibly work unless the union bosses quit telling the Congress how to do their business.
But then why would we expect the Congress to understand why tax payers money should not be pumped down rat holes! Congress and President Bush have been spending taxpayers money like drunken sailors(with apologies to the Naval service)for over four years!


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