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Jan. 10th, 2009 | 02:23 pm

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I believe president elect is either making a really bad mistake, or showing his animus for USA /Israel long standing relationship, by sending emissaries to “dialog” with Hamas.
It has been the policy of the United States to not have any kind of diplomatic relation with terrorists groups or countries.This is a policy re-enforced by the belief and fact that terrorists cannot be trusted to back up anything they say or promise other than to wage guerrilla warfare against their avowed enemy!

Yet despite the fact that Obama has not even been sworn in as President, he is acting as though he is in charge by sending his representatives to begin dialog with Hamas!

Iran, which provides funding and training to Hamas, the crisis represents an almost existential battle in its quest to become a regional superpower, in which Hamas plays a key role as an extension of Shiite Iranian influence.

“Iran stands to gain more influence if Hamas survives, because Hamas is a direct auxiliary for Iran—an Iranian foothold on the Mediterranean,” said Oussama Safa, a Mideast analyst who heads the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies.

“Crushing Hamas in Gaza means chasing out the influence of the Iranians from this part of the region.” Why then, if this analyst is correct does Obama want to give more credence to this terrorist group? Could it be an indication that Obama’s foreign policy attitude is that the USA can talk fruitfully to any group whose avowed purpose is to destroy Israel and those who support it?

Neville Chamberlain tried this approach with Adolph Hitler in 1933, and failed miserably when Hitler went back on his promise to Chamberlain and invaded the Sudetenland!
The long shadow of Iran, which has much to win or lose from the outcome of the battles raging nearly two weeks after Israel launched its devastating onslaught to stop Hamas rocket attacks.

For too long,the long shadow of Iran, which has much to win or lose from the outcome of the battles raging between Hamas and the IDF nearly two weeks after Israel launched its military advance to stop Hamas rocket attacks on Israel.These attacks have intermittently gone on for months, and there is no way to stop them than to erradicate those doing the launching and those providing cover for the launching. Sometimes it is from momes and sometimes from Mosques and schools. Terrorists who train children to handle rocket launchers and AK-47s have no regard for civilians on either side.

Unfortunately most main stream Media sources here in the USA play up the loss of civilian lives being inflicted by the Israeli attack. This is nothing but propaganda for Hamas, and is a product of the Left wing bias of the Media against Israel. This type of collateral damage was never highlighted when WE fought the Germans in WWII. Bombers fire bombed German cities day and night near the end of the war killing hundreds of thousands in a fiery death in such places as Hamburg and Dresden, but not a peak from the media.

Now the media and the intelligentsia seems to have change their collective minds about killing during war. They highlight the killing of who may or may not be followers of the Hamas terrorists as though this was a new war crime being committed by the Israelis. The Media used this approach during the hard fighting years in Iraq also.
There is no doubt in my mind that the killing of innocent civilians is a tragedy of all wars, but the constant harangue of the numbers killed each day is just another left wing propaganda stunt to undermine support for our only ally in the Middle East!

Hamas, a Sunni fundamentalist movement, is important to Iran, because it helps give Iran credibility among Arabs, said Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, of the Lebanese American University. “Playing the Palestinian card is a way of winning Arab hearts and minds. Hamas is a bridge for Iran to the Arab Sunni world,” she said.

She does not rule out the possibility that Iran would open a second front in the Gaza conflict, by encouraging its well-armed Hezbollah ally to take action along Israel’s northern border if Hamas appeared to be in danger of collapse.

“If Hamas were to be defeated, it would be a grave blow for Iran,” she said.  Source:  Chicago Tribune

So enough with the bleeding heart stories of civilian casualties. If the IDF fails, there will be millions killed in Israeli cities when groups like Hamas obtain the nuclear weapons that Iran is fabricating while I write this blog!
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