Posted by: rotenochsen | January 14, 2009



In an interview between the German newspaper and Internet site provider, Der Spiegel, and former Clinton administration Ambassaddor to Israel, Mr. Martin Indyk. The question asked by Der Spiegel of Mr. Indyk was how he believed that the new Obama administration would resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Mr, Indyk said that President Clinton tried to use diplomacy, and President Bush tried to use force to get both sides to do things “our way”.

His specific words were: “We Americans have this wonderful but frightening innocence, a belief that we have a mission to transform troubled parts of the world. Even more troubling is that we not only think it is our responsibility but that we can actually remake the Middle East in our own image as a peaceful, democratic place. It is that instinct which George W. Bush and Bill Clinton shared in the Middle East, even though they pursued the objective of transformation in two very different ways — one by peace-making, one by war making. But they shared that basic naivety and they both failed. Now we have to be less naive and more humble. I am sure Obama has understood that”.

My problem with this statement is that if Indyk is correct about Obama, it appears that our foreign policy will be one of concessions(aka, giving in to demands) rather than dealing from a position of strength AS THE PREMIER MILITARY POWER IN THE WORLD. IT SOUNDS LIKE WE ARE IN FOR A REDUCTION OF OUR MILITARY POWER, and a massive increase in our diplomacy. In steps Hillary Clinton!

This will play right into the hands of Communist China and latent-Communist Russia! Two Countries that President Reagan correctly identified as the “forces of evil and our enemies!

If Obama plans to cosy up to the Chinese, how will our attitude of an independent Taiwan be affected? How will we cope with the expansion of Iranian and Islamic terrorist nuclear threats, if we abandon the idea of building anti-missile launchers in Poland, to accommodate Russian objections to the construction?

There are many other questions that relate to National defense and our economy that could be affected if Obama is too accommodating to any conflict that comes our way, instead of standing fast and defending our position as a World power the envy of the rest of nations and the UN.

Will Obama and his administration be more interested in becoming a member of the World Community than to protect the sovereignty of the United States. Is Mr. Indyk indicating that Obama will try to make the USA a new member of the European Union?


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