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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Not only the impending threat of Iran’s gaining nuclear weapons capability in the next year, but the threat of North Korea attacking South Korea,hangs in the balance.

Afghanistan seems to be the “chosen one’s” target for military action if at all, but one cannot ignore the possibility that the Koreans and the Iranians realize Obama’s disdain for force of arms, and take advantage of his preference to talk to our enemies, to advance their military ambitions.
What will Obama do if Communist China threatens to launch nuclear weapons against Taiwan if it does not swear allegiance to the Chinese? Or if the Koreans are not just bluffing, and do advance south of the demilitarised zone while launching ICBMs on Seoul?

And it not entirely impossible that Putin will invade the Ukraine with his tanks and ground forces as he did recently, into The oil-rich region of Georgia, and earlier into Chechnya, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea,that forms a southwestern corridor of Russian territory. Will Obama give aid to the Ukrainians as Bush did for Georgia?

WE are replacing a “hawk” with a “dove”, and apparently the Media and a little more than 50% of Americans are ecstatic about the CHANGE!
But will a “peacenik” Commander in Chief be able to talk those who await the “talker” with baited breath, be able to negotiate the peace we have had here at home, even while we waged a war in Iraq? Or will the despots take advantage of the advance warnings that Obama is anti-war and begin there quest for power over the geography they covet?

This story out of Great Britain, illustrates the potential for a hot spot flaming up again after over fifty years of Cease Fire!

The Guardian,UK. Is reporting “that North Korea today, threatened to “shatter” the conservative South Korean government in Seoul, as reports emerged that Pyongyang claims to have weaponised enough plutonium stocks to produce four or five nuclear bombs.

Relations across the heavily fortified border have turned frosty since South Korea’s president, Lee Myung-bak, came to office last year promising to get tough on his communist neighbour after a decade of attempts by liberal governments to engage with Pyongyang. In December, North Korea closed border crossings and accused Seoul of plotting to assassinate the North’s leader, Kim Jong-il.

But today’s rare statement from the Korean People’s Army – read on television by a uniformed officer – is likely to further raise tensions on the divided peninsula.

“Now that traitor Lee Myung-bak and his group opted for confrontation, denying national reconciliation and cooperation, backed by foreign forces, our revolutionary armed forces are compelled to take an all-out confrontational posture to shatter them,” the statement said.

“Strong military measures will follow from our revolutionary armed forces,” the spokesman added, warning of a clash along a disputed maritime border. Disagreements over the boundary triggered naval skirmishes in 1999 and 2000.

The statement came as an American scholar said North Korean officials had told him Pyongyang has weaponised 30.8 kg (68lb) of plutonium, enough for four or five bombs.

Selig Harrison, a North Korean expert at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, said the North Koreans had told him the weapons cannot be inspected.

The officials were vague about what weaponisation meant, but it appeared most likely the plutonium would be fitted in missile warheads, Harrison said.”

Is now the time when our resolve to defend all freedom loving Countries from aggression to be tested? And will we fail to respond?


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