Posted by: rotenochsen | March 9, 2009


One of the good things that cable television has brought to those who are interested.Is the re -broadcasting of the proceedings of the sessions of Great Britain’s House of Parliament.
As a long time student of European history, I often watch the BBC televised sessions that involve the House of Parliament and the Prime Minister. Sessions when the Prime Minister is on the hot seat with questions from the opposition party.
Gordon Brown, elected after Tony Blair’s term expired, has been openly challenged by the opposition to resign at least two times since his Labour party took power. The last time in 2008.
The reasons for his opposition in the Parliament could be any one of the following issues.
He has reduced the National Budget for Health Care from 6.2 billion pounds to 4.2 billion pounds, while demanding that Doctors surgeries be open on weekends, and General Practice doctors be available “on call” during evenings!

Or perhaps, it could be that his administration has neglected the military with poor housing, lack of modern equipment and lack of adequate health care for active military personal. What ever the reason, Mr. Brown has had a rough going in his appearances before the Parliament, but not so when he spoke to a joint session of the USA Congress.

The Prime Minister received numerous standing ovations for his speech that included the call for a World co-operation in eliminating off shore banks and a unified effort to educate all African children. This while both British and USA schools turn out students who cannot read correctly or know rudimentary math!
But the loudest applause, it appeared to me, was when Mr. Brown said: “So let us work together for the worldwide reduction of interest rates and a scale of stimulus round the world equal to the depth of the recession and the dimensions of the recovery we must make.
Let us together renew our international economic cooperation, helping the emerging markets rebuild their banks. And let us work together for a low carbon recovery worldwide. And I am confident that this President, this Congress and the peoples of the world can come together in Copenhagen this December to reach a historic agreement on climate change”.

But the whole speech sounded to me as though it was written by David Axelrod, as it was a testimony to President Obama, and reinforced the call for CHANGE that the Obama minions have rode into power.
Such comments as those near the close of his speech illustrate the point that he was “preaching to the choir”, when he said: “I keep returning to something I first learned in my father’s church as a child. In this most modern of crises I am drawn to the most ancient of truths; wherever there is hardship, wherever there is suffering, we cannot, we will not, pass by on the other side.

But working together there is no challenge to which we are not equal, no obstacle that we cannot overcome, no aspiration so high that it cannot be achieved.

In the depths of the Depression, when Franklin Roosevelt did battle with fear itself, it was not simply by the power of his words, his personality and his example that he triumphed.

Yes, all these things mattered. But what mattered more was this enduring truth: that you, the American people, at your core, were, as you remain, every bit as optimistic as your Roosevelt’s, your Reagan’s and your Obama”. My comment about this statement is that it is blatant heresy to use Ronald Reagan’s name in the same sentence as two Socialists like FDR and Obama!

Reagan welcomed and encouraged business, and was successful. FDR was saved by WWII, and Obama is moving rapidly to destroying the stock market and small business while stifling free speech with the return of a cleverly named FOCA, National Health Care, taxpayer funded abortion, Federal control of education, Gay marriage, Allowing openly homosexual men and women to serve in the military while taxing and spending the USA to a position of effete militarism and hyper inflation with a devalued dollar!

I believe, the above statements illustrate that the Democrat controlled Congress and the complicit RINOs appear more inclined to accept “One World” control than they do to conforming to the Constitutional Republic that we are, and was the dream of our founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights!


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