Posted by: rotenochsen | March 11, 2009


Posted by Jax Hawk on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 9:06:55 AM Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” —Ronald Reagan NOT ONLY ARE THE MEDIA AND THE CONGRESS NOT GETTING REPORTS ON THE PROGRESS AT THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Our most trusted ally is unable to get a response from the Treasury department prior to the summit of the G20.The London Telegraph is reporting the following: Gus O’Donnell: “Amid the worst global economic crisis in decades, the Cabinet Secretary said Number 10 was having trouble even getting in touch with key personnel at the US Treasury Photo: DAVID ROSE The continuing handover to President Barack Obama’s administration has severely hindered discussions over the meeting in London next month, according to Sir Gus. Amid the worst global economic crisis in decades, the Cabinet Secretary said Number 10 was having trouble even getting in touch with key personnel at the US Treasury. “There is nobody there,” he told a civil service conference in Gateshead. “You cannot believe how difficult it is.” The reported comments come after Downing Street aides were left frustrated by the White House’s chaotic handling of arrangements for Gordon Brown’s visit last week. The Prime Minister was left facing claims that he had been “snubbed” after an expected formal press conference with the two leaders was downgraded to a handful of questions in the Oval Office. Sir Gus criticised the US system of new administrations appointing their own senior civil servants, saying it would be “absolute madness” to introduce similar rules here. The Whitehall & Westminster World website, whose publisher Dods organised the event, reported that he stressed the importance of continuity for projects like the Olympics. “You get to a certain point, and you can’t go any further,” Sir Gus said. “If there’s a change of administration, you’re out, and a whole new bunch of people come in who probably haven’t been in government before.” Maybe we elected a man with a strong speaking voice, but a weak constitution? This report from England illustrates that the first fifty days have been too much of a strain for Obama to follow normal protocols when receiving heads of state from allied countries. “British officials, meanwhile, admit that the White House and US State Department staff were utterly bemused by complaints that the Prime Minister should have been granted full-blown press conference and a formal dinner, as has been customary. They concede that Obama aides seemed unfamiliar with the expectations that surround a major visit by a British prime minister. Those with access to Mr Obama’s inner circle explained the slight by saying that those high up in the administration have had little time to deal with international matters, let alone the diplomatic niceties of the special relationship. Allies of Mr Obama say his weary appearance in the Oval Office with Mr Brown illustrates the strain he is now under, and the president’s surprise at the sheer volume of business that crosses his desk. A well-connected Washington figure, who is close to members of Mr Obama’s inner circle, expressed concern that Mr Obama had failed so far to “even fake an interest in foreign policy”. Perhaps if President Obama spent less time traveling around the country giving campaign type speeches for his myriad programs, and spent more time in the Oval Office attempting to solve the number one crisis. The Economy! He would not be so worn out. A man his age should be able to work 15 hours a day if he wasn’t flying around the country and giving parties every Wednesday night to push his programs!


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