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Konrad Hermann Josef Adenauer whose career spanned sixty years, beginning as early as 1906, he is most noted for his role as the first Chancellor of West Germany from 1949–1963 and chairman of the Christian Democratic Union from 1950 to 1966. He was the oldest chancellor ever to serve Germany, beginning his first ministry at the age of 73 and leaving at the age of eighty-seven.
One of the most cogent things he said while in office when speaking about people in general and politicians in general was that
“God put limits on human intelligence but no limits on stupidity”!

Never has this phrase been more appropriate than today when we have
the Congress of the United States apparently ignoring the Constitutional limits on their powers. The bill to abrogate legal contracts made by AIG and their executives is a direct violation of the Constitution no matter how heinous the bonuses were, they still were legal agreements( contracts) between a business and a person or persons that is inviolate per our basic constitutional document that is the underpinnings of our Republic.

The blind faith and hope of supporters and voters of a President who is proposing a debt that exceeds all the debt inflicted on the taxpayers of the USA since George Washington to George Bush. Illustrates the lemming like action of the public.

Driven by strong biological urges, Lemmings will migrate in large groups when population density becomes too great. On occasion, and particularly in the case of the Norway lemmings in Scandinavia, large migrating groups will reach a cliff overlooking the ocean. They will stop until the urge to press on causes them to jump off the cliff and start swimming, sometimes to exhaustion and death. Lemmings are also often pushed into the sea as more and more lemmings arrive at the shore.Source :Wikapedia

The fact that the public has no been frightened to the point of protest at the fast pace that the President is taking us down the road to Socialism. Is illustrated by his statement today that the jobs lost may never be returned, and we don’t want them back because they do not pay enough. His answer is to replace private sector jobs with government jobs to enlarge the base of people who are dependent on the Federal Government.

I expect the “Journalists”, and Television talking heads to support and fail to ask probing questions of the President about the massive inflation and devaluation of our dollar that will result by his spending binge on welfare programs. They are by action neo-Marxists who would like the private enterprise system fail and be replaced by the neo-Socialism that Obama is pushing.
But why are the people who will have to pay for this disaster , and those who have children and gran children who will inherit ,because of their silence, an even larger debt to the tax collector.

The Hills Blog has this quote that illustrates my point clearly.
“The United States wouldn’t even be eligible to enter the European Union if it wanted to because of its debt levels, Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) claimed Thursday.

“We won’t even be able to get into the EU if we wanted to,” Gregg said this morning on MSNBC, “because our government is so large and so huge.”

The European Union’s Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) adopted in 1997 requires a budget deficit to be less than three percent, and requires a national debt beneath 60 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“We’ve been lectured by France on the fact that we’re not fiscally responsible right now,” Gregg, the man who refused the position of Commerce Secretary, noted with incredulity.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the yearly budget deficit would fall well beyond that threshold in coming years.

Still, Gregg expressed resignation with the likelihood that the Obama administration’s proposed budget would emerge successfully from Congress.

“He’s in charge, and they’ve got the votes here in Congress,”

And to illustrate how well Obama has be successful in restoring the image that Europeans have of the USA after the negativity toward Bush and the Iraq war. This story from the Financial Times shows he has apparently failed. “European Union hopes for a new era in relations with the US were thrown into chaos on Wednesday when the holder of the EU presidency condemned American remedies for the global recession as “the road to hell”.

Barely a week before Barack Obama is due to arrive in Europe on his first official visit as US president, Mirek Topolanek, the Czech Republic’s prime minister, put the 27-nation EU on a collision course with Washington.

Mr Topolanek said EU leaders had been disturbed at a summit in Brussels last week to hear calls from Tim Geithner, the US Treasury secretary, for more aggressive policies to fight the global downturn.
“The US Treasury secretary talks about permanent action and we, at our spring council, were quite alarmed at that . . . The US is repeating mistakes from the 1930s, such as wide-ranging stimuluses, protectionist tendencies and appeals, the Buy American campaign, and so on,” he told a European parliament session in Strasbourg. “All these steps, their combination and their permanency, are the road to hell.”

And God help us!!


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