Posted by: rotenochsen | April 1, 2009


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The invasion of Iraq made sense to me because the tyrant Saddam was killing his own people and was trying, maybe succeeding, in making weapons of mass destruction. The gassing of thousands of Kurds proved he had poison gas.
But Afghanistan is a different matter!

The Russians sent 300,000n troops and Hind helicopters into the mountains of Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban and lost!This was because our CIA and Defense Department supplied stinger ground to air missiles that neutralized the helicopters and developed the IED explosive device that took a heavy toll on the ground troops.
And there are the mountains! In Iraq most of thee fighting was done in the dessert and cities. But in Iraq the Taliban is hiding in the mountains and gain refuge by escaping across the border into Pakistan.

In World War II the Italian campaign proved the difficulty in fighting in mountainous terrain. In the 19 months of fighting the Germans we lost 19,475 killed in action, 60% of them were in the 5th Army that fought for 20 months before defeating the Germans.

We have less than 33,000 troops in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban that now has weapons to kill and demoralize the men fighting there.It is a no win situation that Obama wants to get the USA into.

He was and is a strong enemy of the military and do not let his mantra that the Taliban is our main enemy. The Al Qaeda international organization is our enemy. Besides the fact that Afghanistan will become a “killing field” for our military. Obama has already said essentially that victory is not his objective. He has said he would talk to the leaders of “moderate” Taliban leaders about a negotiated peace!

Before he gets us into another debacle like Vietnam, we should bring the troops home and station them along the border between Mexico and the USA.
Thee retired Assistant of the U.S.Dea, Michael Braun, has stated that both the Hezbollah and Al Qaeda have made deals with the Mexican drug lords to smuggle weapons and personal into the USA using the same routes that they have used to smuggle drugs and illegals by the millions over our borders. This is a real treat that must be addressed!


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