Posted by: rotenochsen | April 3, 2009

Sounds To Me Like Obama’s Speeches in Europe Are Written by George Sorros

The speeches that President Obama is making in France sound almost directly from the Book that George Sorros wrote in 2003, deprecating America under George Bush. The Book entitled “The Bubble of American Supremacy:  The Cost of George W. Bush’s War in Iraq

The tenents that Sorros advocates are pure Socialism, contrary tto the way of life we still have here in the USA.

His criticism is found within the the apopolgetic speeches that Obama began in England and is continuing in Europe to rave review from the Socialist populace.

See if you don’t recognize the tenents of Sorros as listed below as the theme of all the One World speeches that Obama has given in hid first trip as President.

  • President Bush’s reaction to 9/11 was an extreme over-reaction.  The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been counterproductive in the world scheme of things, causing far more harm than help.
  • The Global War on Terror was ill-conceived, ill-fought and ought to be dismantled, the sooner the better for international relations.
  • The desire to spread American democracy to other regions is based on a false set of documents, namely the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. 
  • Soros’ belief that there is no such thing as a universal truth, that all things are relative and all moral systems are essentially equivalent leads him to conclude that our founding documents are fundamentally flawed in that they claim to rest upon “self-evident truths.”
  •   These might be called more accurately, anti-tenets, as they merely serve to refute the Bush Doctrines.  But any careful observer would be inclined to make special note of Soros’ ever-present insistence that American foreign policy be formulated in a way that puts international objectives ahead of U.S. objectives.  Soros expects the U.S. to subjugate herself to what he believes will help the whole world, not merely us and our interests. 

Obama is the first Presidnt who has made the trip to the EU to apologize for the USA actions. What he and the EU has apparently forgotten is that if it w not for the USA there would be no EU, only Hitler or Stalin and their successors!

President Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has begged the Chinese to support our debt, while sloughing off human rights abuses by the communist regime and has praised the environmental efforts of our Mexican neighbor, while making no mention of the flood of Mexican illegal immigrants invading our southern borders.  Madame Clinton has finger-wagged our Israeli allies, while securing $900 million in American aid to the beleaguered Palestinians (read Hamas) while there are no demands on them to stop firing rockets into Israel.  Madame Clinton has additionally pledged a $200 million scholarship fund for Palestinians.

Buying friends is a staple of Soros foreign policy.  Greased palms, he seems to believe, provide a great deal of “cooperation.”

Candidate Obama echoed this view in his Berlin citizen-of-the-world address, stating, ““Partnership and cooperation among nations is not a choice; it is the one way, the only way, to protect our common security and advance our common humanity.”

Is Obama a puppet of the hard core socialist George Sorros?george20soros






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