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It is clear that the Obama plan for the United States is to move it from a free society to a “statist” cradle to grave collective, at least it is in my mind.
The fact that during the first one hundred days of the Obama administration, Obama and the Congress have spent 100 billion dollars a day to advance the welfare state in the disguise of saving the banks and the economy.What he and Congress has done to our children and grandchildren could be called economic child abuse!

Now he has selected a man who is the current police chief of Seattle, Washington for the new Drug Czar. Chief Gil Kerlikowske is a friend of Attorney General Eric Holder, and served in the Clinton administration, will no longer have Cabinet-level status,( Obama gave that to Biden) a White House official said, but Kerlikowske “will have a seat at the table( what table, when?) when important decisions are being made … and full access and a direct line to the president and vice president.”

In the Clinton administration, Kerlikowske worked on ways to monitor grants the agency gave to local police efforts, and he frequently emphasized analysis and data, looking for “ways to prevent crime rather than reacting to it,” said Tim Quinn, the COPS program’s acting director.

John Carnevale, an official in the drug office from its inception in 1989 until 2000, met Kerlikowske while working on ways to measure the agency’s effectiveness. “He’s big on accountability,” said Carnevale. Kerlikowske’s Washington and local policing background is a plus, particularly if other appointees bring a strong treatment and prevention background, he said.

Seattle activists who work on drug-reform issues called Kerlikowske smart and reasonable, and they noted that his police department has largely abided by a voter-approved initiative that made marijuana possession the city’s lowest law enforcement priority.

Even at the city’s annual Hempfest protest and festival, police arrested only a few people despite the open-air pot smoking, said Vivian McPeak, director of the event.

Douglas Hiatt, an attorney who defends medical marijuana patients, said the chief has tried “to do the right thing on medical marijuana. He’s trying to get it across to his officers not to hassle patients.” My question is what are people who he considers patients doing out on the streets rather than in treatment centers or hospitals. What these people are doing is sending a message to the drug lords that they have Cart Blanche because we will be targeting users of drugs rather than stopping the flow of drugs into our country.

Colleagues expect Kelikowski to ramp up efforts to stem demand for illegal narcotics by emphasizing prevention and treatment.
He comes from a state whose citizens voted not to enforce the federal law if marijuana is used as medicine. He also comes from a city whose people voted to make marijuana possession the lowest priority for police work.

Kerlikowske didn’t support that measure, but he learned to live with it. His police force has been tolerant at Seattle’s annual Hempfest.

Concerning the stronger drugs, Kerlikowske has tolerated needle-exchange programs. He has supported drug court, which offers treatment to low-level offenders as an alternative to prison. He has a son who has been arrested for drugs, so he has seen the drug war from that angle, too.

I suspect that this man will find opposition to his confirmation in the Senate from those who believe that treatment is fine, but stopping the flow of drugs at our borders is still more important. The recent violence in the border cities of Texas and Arizona that have claimed hundreds of lives and seen kindnapping escalate is a priority that the Obama seems to have ignored!

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