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  May. 20th, 2009 | 01:29 pm 

Like the weather if it doesn’t suit you stick around and it will eventually change. Obama’s positions and campaign promises have been unstable to say the least. First there was his promise to release the photographs of the alleged torture of terrorist Muslim prisoners. He decided that their release would give aid and comfort to the enemy, so he blocked their release. Then there is his flip flop on the military tribunals.

Now his promise to close Guantanamo prison is apparently not going to be fulfilled, because Congress refuses to appropriate the funds needed to close the prison, and no U.S.Senator wants to have any terrorist imprisoned in his state, nor do foreign countries want them! As a result, feeling political pressure, Senate Democrats said Tuesday that they planned to withhold funding( Obama asked for 80 million) to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, until President Barack Obama presents a plan for handling its 241 detainees. Source: Wall Street Journal

Then there was Obama’s statement that he did not want to own and run the Detroit based car companies, but he fired the president of General Motors and brokered a deal where the Union holds 55% percent of the Chrysler Corporation, and has guaranteed the warranties on Chrysler cars with the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. treasury!

Obama has broken at least ten campaign promises, including seven promises in signing the economy-shrinking $800 billion stimulus package, and one promise in signing the Lilly Ledbetter law and the SCHIP tax increase. After it covertly inserted language into the stimulus package to protect millions of dollars in bonuses at AIG, a major liberal donor, the Administration later switched course and sought to curry favor with an outraged public by praising the House for passing a 90 percent bonus tax, a tax broadened to cover not just AIG but also employees at other, healthy TARP banks.

On March 22, the New York Times reported that the Administration wants to impose vague compensation limits on all banks and financial institutions, whether or not they receive any taxpayer money at all, and perhaps all public companies as well. To avoid stringent application of those limits, companies’ executives would have an incentive to curry favor with their federal masters, by making campaign contributions to Obama and his liberal Congressional allies (the way AIG did). Meanwhile, the Administration is now backtracking on its earlier praise for the legislation that would tax the AIG bonuses. And Obama promised that the public would have 5 DAYS to look online and find out what’s in his proposed bills before he signs them. Well, another promise broken. Barack Obama signed the largest spending bill in US history andi t had only been posted online for 12 hours before it was voted on in the US House and Senate. Obama also claimed the $800 billion stimulus package was needed to avert “disaster” and “irreversible decline.” But the Congressional Budget Office, controlled by his own Congressional allies, admitted that the stimulus package will shrink the economy over the long run, in reports and studies released before and after the bill’s

 And yesterday he continued with his deception when he met with the Prime Minister of Israel.This quote from Press Secretary Gibbs illustrates my point. “With each of them,( he is speaking about Israel, Syria and the Palestinians) the president will discuss ways the United States can strengthen and deepen our partnerships, as well as the steps all parties should take to help achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians and between Israel and the Arab states,” Given that with the exception of Syria, peace already exists between Israel and the Arab states, and Syria and Israel have been having bi-lateral secret talks without help from the U.S, Obama is setting up as a goal for himself something that already exists. With regards to Israel and the Palestinians,Obama’s statement of support of a two state solution, notwithstanding Netanyahu’s political posturing against it is not exactly earth shattering since that has been the goal for years. With the United States the most important broker of peace in the region, Obama so far has shown little imagination, little strategic thought, and nothing in the way of new initiatives to bring to the process. The only thing Obama has been able to do to date, is unite the Israelis and Palestinians in their mutual anger against him when he made a major diplomatic blunder during the Democratic primary in a speech regarding Jerusalem. In a speech given before 7000 Jews in Florida, Obama stated that he supported a unified Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. That of course brought a standing ovation since it meant a rejection of any idea of partitioning East Jerusalem to establish a capitol for a Palestinian state, an idea that is unacceptable to most Israelis and Jews. But Obama’s statement brought condemnation from the Palestinians within 24 hours and in what has lately become an almost daily occurrence with Obama, he reversed himself saying “that he was misunderstood and that what he meant by a unified Jerusalem was a Jerusalem with no barbed wire”.

 In February of 2008,less than a month after his inauguration, Obama released the statement, “Small businesses are the backbone of our nation’s economy and we must protect this great resource. It is time to end the diversion of federal small business contracts to corporate giants.” Since making that statement almost a year ago, President Obama has consistently refused to make good on his campaign promise, and support legislation to stop Fortune 500 firms from hijacking federal contracts designated for America’s nearly 27 million small businesses. Not only has President Obama refused to propose even a single policy to address the problem, but he actually changed his Web site to remove the appearance that he had ever made the statement, “It is time to end the diversion of federal small business contracts to corporate giants.”

israelobyandnetynayuIs someone counting the broken promises? It’s interesting to see how many it will add up until his re-election? Modern politics seems to consist largely of the well-intentioned being fooled by scoundrels of one kind or another!

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