Posted by: rotenochsen | May 26, 2009

Let’s Not Place Budget-Cutting Solely At The Feet Of Our Military.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

President Obama’s 2010 budget amounts to an eye-popping $3.7 trillion, and opens the floodgates to a projected $42 trillion in the next decade. This is the largest domestic-spending increase in history. The interest on the national debt will be $800 billion in 2014 — more than we currently spend on national defense.

Obama is using his sending more troops to Afghanistan to delude the American public that are not members of the “OBAMESSIA” congregation. But the real trouble to come our way is the growing nuclear threat from North Korea(China’s puppet) and the rapidly approaching nuclear weapon capability of Iran.

This point is supported by the fact that U.S. Defense Secretary Gates said the momentum in Afghanistan is with the Taliban, who are inflicting heavy US casualties( not reported by the New York Times or Washington Post like when Bush was in the Oval Office) and hold de facto control of swaths of the country. The defense chief has been moving aggressively to salvage the war in Afghanistan, signing off on the deployments of 21,000 American military personnel and recently taking the unprecedented step of firing the four-star general who commanded all US forces there. Mr. Gates, speaking in his cabin on an Air Force plane, said the administration is rapidly running out of time to turn around the war. Source: Wall Street Journal

To defend both our allies in the Middle East and parts of Europe against nuclear missiles launched from Iran, and to keep South Korea safe from North Korean hegemony. We need sophisticated missile defensive weapons. The “star wars” program is a good start toward the goal of protecting ourselves and our allies, but it needs more research and development.

Unless we continue expenditures on anti-missile defense systems we will be a “sitting duck” to those who would rather see our capitols in flames then the way they are today.

But the spendthrift Obama has begun a drive toward pacifism and diplomacy that does not include any money to advance some of the weapons systems that we will need if Iran or especially Korea make aggressive advances.
Obamas’ budget does not include any money to continue the F-22 Raptor fighter bomber, designed to be the most advanced and capable fighter jet in the sky.

The Obama budget calls for terminating the F-22 Raptor program after only a dozen or so more are built, and “replacing” them with the more standardized but less capable F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The F-22 is far and away the most advanced plane ever built. Its combination of stealth technology, maneuverability, and survivability makes it essential to maintaining air superiority, which enables the use of less-capable assets in our inventory. Attacking the enemy and protecting our own troops demands air superiority, and compromising that goal is a mistake.

Also critical to maintaining unquestioned air supremacy in a theater of conflict is the Air Force’s fleet of aerial refueling tankers, which are nearly 50 years old and need to be replaced. The cost of doing so is in the neighborhood of $40 billion, that is less than 0.1 percent of projected federal spending over the next decade.
Critics complain that the F-22 is expensive and superfluous. But the F-35 is the most expensive program in Pentagon history, with a projected cost of nearly $1 trillion. Additionally, the F-35 was not designed to do what the F-22 can do in establishing air superiority in situations that require high levels of stealth, speed, and range. And as any one who understands the history of modern warfare realizes, air superiority is what wins wars. Despite what naysayers say about “boots on the ground”. The ability to resupply the ground troops with ammunition and supplies requires air superiority! They are complementary, not interchangeable.

American military superiority in Europe, Asia and the Middle East depends on the ability of the U.S. military to threaten and, if necessary, to use military force to defeat any regional challenge.
It connet let Russia in the ETO and North Korea or Communist China to become super powers or we will be once again living in daily peril from nuclear attack at either coast!
Is the Change Americans want, the return of the “Cold War”? Or does he expect the United Nations to defend US?

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