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Monday, June 01, 2009

It wasn’t long ago that this great Country of ours had a Legislative, Executive and Judicial branch that controlled the way we lived. The Legislative branch made the laws, declared war when needed, and appropriated the money needed to run the government.
The Executive branch was the Commander in Chief of the Military and had veto power over any Bills that the Legislative body sent to his desk, and the Judicial branch was lead by the Supreme Court. This body was the Court of last resort for redress of individuals and groups who felt they were either cheated by the other two branches of government or thought a law that was in force was wrong and harmful.
This oversimplifies the duties and powers of the three branches of government, but it illustrates that OUR Country was ruled in an orderly and lawful manner up until now!

The Obama administration is making choices that not only favor some and hurt others. President Obama is making decisions that, in my opinion and more learned scholars than I, think are exceeding the powers granted to the president by the Constitution!
It appears that the politically well connected tend to get the favors.( aka:Unions and Acornto mention a few).
Banks were forced to take government money due not slightly to having to loan money for housing to minority groups without their ability to pay the loan payments, as crafted by the likes of Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd. Now they are blocked from paying the money back.
In the meantime, the banks must direct funds where the government wants them to go.This is a direct assault on the Free Enterprise Private Banking industry!

Chrysler and General Motors bond holders had their property(their investment in $) redistributed to the United Auto Worker retiree health-care fund (how the retirees help the companies make cars profitably is left unclear). Stimulus funds go to state governments with lavish contracts with public employee unions. And out of every dollar that goes to a union, a certain number of cents make their way back to the Democratic Party.
And now it appears that Obama’s Auto Bankruptcy CZARS are selecting Chrysler dealerships for closure based upon whether they were political supporters of the Democrats or Republicans. A review of the dealerships that have already been notified that they will not have their contracts renewed shows that over 95% of those selected supported Republicans!

And now, without the prior approval of Congress or any legislation authorizing the act, President Obama plans to announce on today(Monday) that the federal government will take a 60-percent ownership stake in General Motors as part of a bankruptcy and reorganization plan for the company.

The White House on Sunday night announced that the plan will require the federal government to provide another $30 billion of taxpayer money to General Motors, on top of the $20 billion in aid the federal government already has given the company.

In December, Congress failed to pass legislation authorizing a federal bailout of the auto industry. Analysts James Gattuso and Andrew Grossman of the Heritage Foundation argued at the time that this was “legally wrong” because Bush took the money from the $700-billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) that was authorized specifically for purchasing assets from “financial institutions” such as banks, savings and loans, credit unions, brokerages and insurance companies. The Heritage analysts argued that auto manufacturers are not “financial institutions” as envisioned by Congress under the law.

Robert Reich, who served as labor secretary under President Clinton, argued that Bush’s move was unconstitutional because of the limits the Constitution places on the president’s power to spend public money. Specifically, the Constitution says, “No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law.” Why is Mr. Reich so silent now that Obama is compounding Bush’s misappropriation of Power?

When asked, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, where Obama derived the legal authority to do what he was doing. Hoyer candidly said he did not know.

“The administration clearly believes it does have the authority to use some of the remaining TARP funds for the automobile industry,” Hoyer told Fred Lucas of

“I don’t know, technically, but my own view is that if it is perceived they don’t have that authority and it is perceived by the Congress they need to have that authority, the Congress would probably be willing to give that authority. But I don’t know technically the answer to that question.” I know the answer! The Senate could not muster the 60 votes necessary to stop a filibuster that would kill any authorization giving extra-Constitutional powers to Obama, and Hoyer knows that!
Undoubtedly the House of Representative with so many Liberal members who are in the pockets of the Union movement would pass the authorization, but as I said. It would fail in the Senate. So here we are with a president who apparently thinks he is above the Constitution taking the right away from those who should have them, the bondholders, and taking them for himself and his Union supporters. Can anything be more brazen than this? Only time will tell!
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